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Posted By: Geoff Hannis Emulation - 27/09/13 11:04 AM

I have expounded on the subject of emulators under other threads before, but have decided that a new topic may now be warranted. whistle

I have recently had another go with DOSBox and am happy to report that (unlike the earlier version) v0.74 runs TMD just fine.

Once you have set it up *(which is easy enough), and re-mapped a few Ctrl+ keys (also easy), TMD runs in all its glory within the DOSBox shell (including the "high-ASCII" characters displayed as originally intended - something that had eluded me before when using the native Windows cmd.exe "DOS box").

I'm admiring it now on three different Windows machines (Win 2000, XP and Win 7) and its looking good on all of them. I'm "excited" about this as it opens the possibility of a New Lease of Life for some of my old stuff that was written under MS-DOS (FoxPro 2.* et al).

Some folk may question the wisdom of continuing to support (and perhaps even develop) stuff written in Ancient Times, but I prefer to believe there may be merit in having "quick and dirty" apps (fast, small footprint - almost like the TSR's of Old when using modern "high-performance" machines) running on as many platforms as possible. And emulators (and specifically DOSBox in this case) make all that possible.

I understand that DOSBox will work under 64-bit Windows set-ups as well (basically emulating 16-bit code on a 64-bit machine - brilliant)! Although I haven't tried that yet myself [maybe someone else on here can] it certainly opens up a few "future proof" opportunities!

The bottom line here is that DOSBox is great. It allows a whole pile of "legacy" (DOS) software (Clipper, FoxPro, dBASE, Paradox ... and many more) to continue on ... for ever! smile

Download DOSBox here. More about emulators here.

* If anyone wants the clues laid out in step-by-step fashion, I will be happy to do that (but I don't want to bore too many folk right now).
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Emulation - 27/09/16 3:22 PM
I've recently heard about another DOS emulator that may be useful in running old DOS apps on modern Windows machines.

Download vDosPlus here. smile
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Emulation - 04/01/17 2:21 PM

I have also had very good results with Jos Schaars' vDos. smile

For Windows machines I would recommend either vDos or vDosPlus (there are minor differences - and vDosPlus is currently still being regularly updated) against DOSBox as the latter is really aimed at running DOS-based games; whilst vDos (or vDosPlus) presents a nice traditional DOS display - and each allows old DOS programs to run on 64-bit Windows machines (although I have yet to try this myself).

On the other hand, I believe that DOSBox can provide DOS emulation on other (non-Windows) platforms, such as various flavours of Linux, Android and what-have-you (again, not yet tried by me).

By the way, the "TMD" link in the first post is no longer valid. However, I have done some more work on that old DOS-based system recently and, although still retaining the same "look and feel" (etc.) as before, it is now "much improved" (meaning:- fewer bugs).

TMD is also now much more "portable" - easy to run in a USB memory stick, on different (various) base machines, and what-have-you.

I'm not sure if I shall publish that old program widely again, but if anyone wants it (once it's ready), feel free to get in touch. smile
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Emulation - 07/03/18 1:08 PM

There are some brilliant emulations here:- Michael Franzen. smile

That must have been a lot of work; a real Labour of Love.
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