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Chlor Clean???

Posted By: Electric Blobby

Chlor Clean??? - 26/08/18 11:25 PM

Is this acceptable for medical device cleaning ?
Any thoughts
Posted By: Moira

Re: Chlor Clean??? - 22/10/18 1:27 PM

No. Nasty corrosive stuff that sneaks through casing seams. We use Clinell wipes as standard on all medical equipment now, and keep the Chlorclean for benchtops etc.
Posted By: Geoff Hannis

Re: Chlor Clean??? - 22/10/18 9:19 PM

Warm, soapy water is the answer (as it has been for decades ) - it is also the cheapest by far. Apply using a soft, clean, cloth; or kitchen-style sponges that are cheap enough to be used just once or twice. Cotton buds come in handy in "nooks and crannies". Wipe off with paper tissues that are then binned.

Only use solvents and (or) aggressive detergents or disinfectants when absolutely necessary (if at all). smile
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