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Burns Unit Equipment

Posted By: Angus

Burns Unit Equipment - 19/03/19 12:18 PM

I am currently compiling a tender and need urgent assistance. Does anyone know what equipment I would require in a 16 bed Burns Unit?

I have an old list when I worked in KSA in the 80’s however it's evident that things have moved since those days.


(Hope to see many of you at the forthcoming seminar)
Posted By: Geoff Hannis

Re: Burns Unit Equipment - 19/03/19 8:33 PM

Things may have moved on a bit, Angus ... but what level ("quality") of staffing do you have in mind? think

We had some "state of the art" kit in some places in KSA during the 80's and 90's ... but I don't recall too much in the way of quality nursing. In one place (when we had a patient in) I used to visit our Burns Unit at least once a day, but I'm pretty sure I never encountered anyone but the patient in there (and I would have remembered, had I met someone). Rather unsurprisingly, the poor guy didn't survive.

Anyway ... there seems to be a fair amount of stuff available on line. smile

Here are a couple of starters:-

1) NHS
2) Interburns
Posted By: DaveC in Oz

Re: Burns Unit Equipment - 19/03/19 8:44 PM

We don't have a burns unit where I work these days but I remember from Royal Brisbane days we had the early equivalent of this
Posted By: Geoff Hannis

Re: Burns Unit Equipment - 19/03/19 8:54 PM

Yes; we had those as well (or something very similar).

As I mentioned, there is a fair amount of information on-line.

Quite a few gruesome images, too. frown

Another question for Angus would be:- what category of burns patients are we talking about here:- severe (as sometimes arising from heavy industry, oil refineries, and so forth)?

Another consideration (and a major one, in my opinion) is:- are we talking about a "new build", or just adapting an existing building? And, of course, is the architect any good? whistle

Here is another interesting document (NBC, Israel).
Posted By: Angus

Re: Burns Unit Equipment - 21/03/19 1:31 PM

Thanks, lads, I appreciate your input.

Dave, I remember servicing and changing the beads for the Clinton Fluid Beds. The beads were so small and got absolutely everywhere. As I recall we were still collecting remnants of these beads throughout the department and clothes for sometime after.
Posted By: DaveC in Oz

Re: Burns Unit Equipment - 21/03/19 8:46 PM

Yeah but they were good fun to lay in! We had one that was sand filled, it was a hoot.
Posted By: Angus

Re: Burns Unit Equipment - 21/03/19 8:49 PM

It used to look that milk was boiling. Hey, they would pay a fortune nowadays for that. Lots better than a water bed (I presume this, not having tried one)!
Posted By: Ian Chell

Re: Burns Unit Equipment - 22/03/19 8:10 AM


Nothing seemed to come out of this conversation so thought I'd suggest you may wish to email the Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead (near Gatwick). They are a specialised burns hospital that was probably the first dedicated burns unit set up for fighter pilots in WW2. I used to know the medical photographer but he's retired so suggest you email this to ask who is the med eng. qvh.info@nhs.net
Posted By: Angus

Re: Burns Unit Equipment - 22/03/19 9:51 AM

Many thanks for the info Ian. I will certainly contact the Queen Victoria to see if they can assist.
Posted By: Geoff Hannis

Re: Burns Unit Equipment - 22/03/19 2:06 PM

Yes, the Queen Victoria Hospital at East Grinstead has a well-established Burns Unit. But it is also world famous for plastic and reconstructive surgery.

The picture (painting) shows Archibald McIndoe (later Sir Archibald) operating there in 1944. The bronze monument (and a very moving one it is, too) was unveiled in 2014. See also the "Guinea Pig Club".

Sad to relate that McIndoe died young (at 59 years) in 1960. He was born in New Zealand, by the way.

Attached picture McIndoe 2.jpg
Attached picture McIndoe.jpg
Posted By: Geoff Hannis

Re: Burns Unit Equipment - 22/03/19 2:22 PM

Take your pick, Angus. smile
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