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Posted By: NHSDave

CBET - 06/07/19 11:26 PM

I for one don't believe in the RCT system, and ultimately want to goto America to join other members of my family. Is anyone aware of anyone in the UK doing CBET?

I can't seen to progress past band 4 as everyone is requiring degrees and RCT registration despite the fact I have 20 years in engineering and 3 of those as a medical engineer
Posted By: Geoff Hannis

Re: CBET - 07/07/19 1:07 PM

Welcome to the forum, Dave. smile

As I have said on here many times before, I also am a supporter of the CBET idea. In fact, I believe it should be adopted internationally.

I presume you are thinking of having a go in preparation for seeking work in the States.

Have you looked on line? I seem to recall that some of the preparatory work (and for all I know, the whole thing) can be done on there.

Yes; go West! The sooner the better, I would have thought!

Where abouts are your folk located?
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