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Posted By: webbie Liko Scales to US - 12/09/19 1:54 PM
We have some Liko scales that attach to our Liko hoists, that we need to send to the US for repair. Has anyone here done this before and what forms did you have to fill in? Did you have to pay duty?
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Liko Scales to US - 12/09/19 2:50 PM

Can't (won't) Hillrom take care of that for you? think
Posted By: webbie Re: Liko Scales to US - 12/09/19 3:10 PM
won't, we have had that argument and they won't budge, even though we bought it off them.
Posted By: DaveC in Oz Re: Liko Scales to US - 12/09/19 10:35 PM
All you should need to do is fill in a customs carnet form. This is a document that shows that the device was purchased in your home country and that all duties were paid. It means that you can then temporarily "export" the device to another country and re-import it later without any further duties coming due in either country.

Simple really, contact HM Customs or any shipping agent for details.
Posted By: webbie Re: Liko Scales to US - 13/09/19 9:25 AM
Thanks for the advice DaveC. I think we have to apply for OPR authorisation. Its a real pain for a one off repair.
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Liko Scales to US - 15/09/19 9:53 AM

Once again, it saddens me that the so-called "National" Health Service (that is, a very large organisation in the Public Sector) is seemingly not able to handle this sort of thing in a centralised way. For instance, how much would it cost (in NHS terms) for the NHS to have an agent Stateside to take care of kit being sent over for repair? After all, this must be a regular occurrence!

By the way, this is one of the (few) benefits of being in the European Union - as long as kit can be "sent away" within the EU, of course (the Liko factory is in Sweden). Otherwise, see OPR.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering what the problem is with the item to be repaired. Can't it be fixed in the UK? Or, maybe you would be better off simply "buying a new one" - preferably from a different supplier! smile

Is it this one?
Posted By: KWoodcock Re: Liko Scales to US - 16/09/19 12:02 PM
Hi Webbie

I'm from the Marketing Team at Hillrom, firstly I apologise that you have encountered difficulties - we fully support this process of repairs to the USA. I'd be happy to either put you in contact with the relevant team or if you wish to send me the details, kelly.woodcock@hillrom.com I can pass on.
Posted By: webbie Re: Liko Scales to US - 18/09/19 7:50 AM
Hello Geoff,

That is the one. I have though about repairing it myself as this might be the easier option but if I have to buy the part I assume I would have to pay duty on it. It has occurred to me now that in over 20 year of working for the NHS I have never sent anything outside the EU. I'm sure stuff has been repaired outside the EU before, be we have always sent it to the UK suppliers first. I suppose with brexit looming we may have to get something set up. It is probably not that hard, but we have never needed anything like this before.
Posted By: webbie Re: Liko Scales to US - 18/09/19 7:55 AM
Hello Kelly,

I have sent you an email explaining the situation.
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