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Posted By: Angus Generic Specifications - 24/03/20 2:29 PM
Can anyone recommend a source where I might be able to obtain medical equipment generic specifications? Thank you.
Posted By: John Sandham Re: Generic Specifications - 24/03/20 5:24 PM
I assume you mean for ventilators?

Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Generic Specifications - 24/03/20 5:43 PM

I suspect that Angus is looking for a complete set suitable for a tender document, John. frown

Am I right, Angus? What do you actually need ... a spec for each type of equipment in a hospital?

And what level of quality are you aiming at? After all, a really generic spec could be something like:-

"Must be suitable for [insert purpose or clinical procedure here]". smile
Posted By: Angus Re: Generic Specifications - 24/03/20 5:46 PM
Can't tell a lie, Geoff. Yes, I am. Not sure where to start mate.
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Generic Specifications - 24/03/20 6:04 PM

Well, that's an easy one ... you start with a list (and build it up from there). smile

What have you got so far? think

As you may know, there have been a few threads on here that have touched on this in the past. But none bore any real fruit, as far as I am aware.

ECRI gets mentioned from time to time; and of course there are a few companies (consultancies) here in the UK - MJM, Hiltron et al - that would be no doubt happy to sell you a set of specs.

Some of the WHO stuff (guidelines) is pretty good. Also, be aware of what the MHRA has to offer.

Other than that, I suspect that Neil might be looking for another project. whistle

PM sent.
Posted By: J Darby Re: Generic Specifications - 28/03/20 7:23 AM
Happy to help, we all need to start somewhere
email: jdarby@en-projects.com
Posted By: Angus Re: Generic Specifications - 31/03/20 10:37 AM
Many thanks for your kind offer. I have sent you a private email.
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