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Posted By: Caro Experiences with Rip-Off-Manufacturers? - 01/09/20 1:49 PM

I am researching for a potential article on the subject of 3rd party repair (for German television but I am still reseacrhing and trying to figure out if this can be a matter of public interest) and was wondering what to your people's experiences are the manufacturers that are least cooperative or overpriced when it comes to maintenance, repair or spare parts of medical equipment?

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All, I think if anyone is going to reply to this post it should be by Private Message only. I think it unwise to reply in open forum.

I think that the majority of manufacturers do not 'rip-off' Hospitals, but there are a small minority who could be accused of doing that (without naming and shaming - I agree with Dave).

Those that do overcharge, or will not provide technical training - service manuals - spare parts, can be easily identified and when it comes to buying new equipment, you can then (before buying) negotiate better terms, or even 'blacklist' the suppliers that won't play ball, through the buying department (Approved suppliers list).

If the playing field is laid out by both the buyer and the supplier, the relationship can be a co-operative arrangement, a partnership. and both parties benefit.
Posted By: Moira Re: Experiences with Rip-Off-Manufacturers? - 07/10/20 9:42 AM
Before we buy anything we look at the total 7 to 10 year cost of ownership, including consumables, maintenance, parts and typical repair prices - this saves us from nasty surprises.
I would have thought most UK hospitals do this.
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