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Posted By: Jamesant Equipment Etching - 01/11/18 3:55 PM
Hi I wonder what other libraries use to identify their equipment when missing. We have asset labels and the devices serial numbers but have seen Trust’s using uv label systems or marking the case with the Trust’s name using a laser. It’s just that all stickers can be removed from missing machines and would like a better way to identify them as ours to community or external Trust’s
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Equipment Etching - 01/11/18 5:02 PM

But do you ever see them again? think

If so, the manufacturer's serial number should suffice in identifying the equipment as yours (assuming, of course, that your records include the serial number)!

Another method I have seen (and have sometimes used myself) is to make some internal markings (or labelling) inside each unit when next opened up (for battery changes, repairs, or whatever).

But all such efforts are futile if you never actually lay hands on the equipment again (which is the usual case, in my sad experience). frown

Meanwhile, how did you get on with GS-1?
Posted By: Jamesant Re: Equipment Etching - 02/11/18 3:34 PM
Hi we keep the serial numbers on Emis E-mat but was looking at a way to make the equipment more identifiable if the asset number stickers are removed. I did spot an Alaris GH on eBay and it had kings hospital equipment library laser etched in to the casing which I thought was a good idea. The GS-1 barcoding is still an on-going issue, we have involved the trusts IT team as we will need it integrating with the Emis Health System we use...wheels really do turn slow
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Equipment Etching - 02/11/18 10:16 PM

Spotted in on eBay? That worked OK, then. whistle
Posted By: Jamesant Re: Equipment Etching - 05/11/18 10:35 AM
Posted By: Hilary Re: Equipment Etching - 06/11/18 2:00 PM
I use stuff from selectamark.
They print the stencils and then you use some gel thay gets painted over the stencil and voila, blue fingers and etched assets.
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Equipment Etching - 06/11/18 2:11 PM

As an aside, Selectamark also offers an Asset Management System. smile
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