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Posted By: Neoteny Equipment Library tracking - 07/08/19 9:06 AM
Good morning!

I am looking into systems for our medical equipment library, what do you use and what do you recommend.

We have nothing at the moment other than a basic spreadsheet.
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Equipment Library tracking - 07/08/19 2:00 PM

There have been a fair number of discussions on here in the past, Dave. smile

I reckon you need to sit down and come up with a plan about what you actually want your Library to do.

Is it working OK at the moment ... and (or) do you want it to perform extra tasks? think

As long as it's diligently maintained, a basic spreadsheet may be good enough!

But tell us more:- do you have dedicated Library staff (working in the Library only), or do the biomeds get roped in?

Do nursing staff at al come in to pick up and drop off the kit themselves, or do the Library staff collect and deliver (and then do the rounds each day searching for "lost" items)?

What kind of kit does your Library hold? Lots of infusion pumps and syringe drivers ... or (much) *more than that.

And lastly (for now), are you planning to go down the RFID route?

* I have heard that some places have a system where more-or-less everything gets signed out from the Equipment Library.
Posted By: Jamesant Re: Equipment Library tracking - 01/03/20 9:26 AM
The beat software solution at present is E-Quip as it allows GS1 barcoding so allows tracking of equipment throughout the hospital and web based ward live equipment repair tracking. It has many features that are not only great for a library but also EBME with live engineers performance. We are about to move from the old outdated EMat system and piggybacking on an already in place portering system to allow us to have live ward requests on the go using an IPod to collect the request and it lets us see the ward, request name and time stamp. Using this it allows us to see what equipment is most used and gives us a business case if we require more, it also lets us show delivery times as a case for larger staffing levels if required
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Equipment Library tracking - 01/03/20 5:22 PM

From what I've seen of e-Quip, it is excellent ... comprehensive, and very "current". smile

But there again, it wasn't that many years ago that E-MAT was very much "flavour of the month" (with many enthusiastic supporters on this forum).

There have been many useful biomed database systems* over the years, and I'm always (well, nearly always) saddened when they seemingly fall by the wayside, supposedly due to discontinued development (usually when the original developer, or team, has moved on - been "bought out" - or whatever). frown

* Anyone else remember dB-Ctrl ... or even TronoMed, both from the late '80's? And how about Helmsman (written entirely in C)? TronoMed was so good that I once had a go (made a start) at "reverse engineering" it to suit our local needs (as it used the US$ symbol and so forth). That was relatively easy back in those days, and myself and another guy (where are you now, Boboy?) even added another "mode" for PM, or some such thing. IIRC we used dBASE (or maybe Clipper). The same with HECS; it was OK, but just needed some "development" (tweaking) to suit local requirements (especially as it already used the .dbf file format).
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