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Posted By: Dario_DK ERBE VIO 300D - 27/02/20 11:23 AM
Does anybody have or knows where to purchase the Schematic Diagram for ERBE VIO 300D ?
Device displays Error B-E which means CANBUS connection Error. Service manual talks about CPU823, IC109 and IC101. No labels on PCB and without Schematic diagram, I am completely paralyzed.

Any hint or help will be greatly appreciated.

Posted By: Malcolm Re: ERBE VIO 300D - 27/02/20 2:35 PM
I can send you the service manual if that would help.
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: ERBE VIO 300D - 27/02/20 4:34 PM

As you probably know, the manual is very good ... but does not include a schematic (circuit diagram).

However ... before you start digging into chip-level fault finding, have you had a good look for "loose connections"? think

By the way, (for me) the interesting thing about this equipment is that it uses the CAN* Bus (which was developed by Bosch for use in motor vehicles)! smile

* Controller Area Network
Posted By: Dario_DK Re: ERBE VIO 300D - 28/02/20 10:09 AM
Hi Malcom,

I have the service manual, but I need the circuit diagram (which is not in the Service Manual). If you have the diagram, I will be so thankful if you send it to me.
Posted By: Dario_DK Re: ERBE VIO 300D - 28/02/20 10:09 AM
Thank you Geoff,

This device has the problem with pedal, if any short circuit happens on CANBUS (via pedal for example) some ICs get damaged.There is no Silkscreen layer either.
ERBE does not give any spare parts or information about this device. Anything about this device is completely removed from their access :-(
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: ERBE VIO 300D - 01/03/20 6:40 PM

Yes; unfortunately, lack of support - especially for obsolescent (or even obsolete, and beyond) equipment - has always been a problem with certain companies in our "industry". frown

I don't suppose you can lay your hands on a substitute foot pedal assembly?
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