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Posted By: Huw Working Libraries - 28/09/00 2:19 PM
Post here if you can help someone.
Posted By: paul stacey kemp Re: Working Libraries - 03/10/00 10:32 PM
we have a working equipment library at the norfolk & norwich hospital, at present we supply air beds (huntleigh & pegasus) infusion devices (graseby & baxter) ecg monitors, nebulisers, defibs, ecg recorders,if you would like any more information or would like to see the library please phone me at 01603 286555
Posted By: Amanda Re: Working Libraries - 16/01/01 10:38 AM
Our library has been running for 6 months now. Equipment includes infusion pumps, cardiac monitors, nebulisers, pulse oximeters, NIBP monitors and feeding pumps. Over 200 items so far.
Posted By: alexdjang Re: Working Libraries - 05/03/01 2:42 PM
The Royal Oldham Hospital has a working equipment library.

It is presently managed by EBME/dept of Medical Admin.

It is staffed with two part-timers.

We have been running for about 18months.
Our bigest headache is tracking of loaned equipment.
Posted By: John Sandham Re: Working Libraries - 05/03/01 4:14 PM
How do you manage your library?
paperwork or software?
Our library is just getting set up with a start date of 1/4/01. any advice would be welcomed.
Posted By: Chris-H Re: Working Libraries - 15/05/01 12:12 PM
Have you tried Dante productions Web page? I have downloaded this freeware program that allows coversions of all formats, called Phoenix Converter. Whats more its FREE!
More importantly they have this database software called "Universal Collection Assistant" its sort of an inventory tracking sofware, and if its anything like phoenix then i would recommend it.
Have a look at http://www.danteproductions.com/puca.html


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Posted By: Alex Re: Working Libraries - 15/05/01 12:28 PM

the danteproduction site does not work. can you check the address please

Posted By: Amanda Re: Working Libraries - 15/05/01 6:45 PM
Try http://www.danteproductions.com/puca.html
Posted By: Chris-H Re: Working Libraries - 20/05/01 6:46 PM
Sorry About that Alex. Me typing in haste again.
And well done Amanda for spotting that one.
I'd be interested if anyone had found that site usefull at all?
I have found it to be of great benifit in the past.
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