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Posted By: John Sandham Library operating policies - 24/10/00 7:10 AM
I have to write a policy for our Trust, Does anyone want to give us one? Please.
Posted By: Cavalla Re: Library operating policies - 24/10/00 9:52 PM
I would suggest that you give Bob Chalkley a ring at new cross hospital wolverhampton, ebme department and ask for advice from their new equipment library. hospital number is 01902 307999. ask for Bob chalkley, biomedical engineering. Advise him of this website too.

Posted By: John Sandham Re: Library operating policies - 23/05/01 2:41 PM
Welcome to our newest member of Staff Julie Drake, who is looking after our equipment library (hello to Rhys, Hogan, Poppy, speedy, jasmin, Tiffy & Terry)
Posted By: Roy Re: Library operating policies - 23/05/01 4:22 PM
Sounds like the cast of a childrens' TV show !
Posted By: Huw Re: Library operating policies - 23/05/01 4:43 PM
Sounds more like an ADULT cast to me
Posted By: Hugh Marie Re: Library operating policies - 08/07/01 11:11 PM
John. Its baz... We have an excellent Equipment Library at Royal Hospital Haslar. if you have time you are welcome to see how we do business here....
Speak to you soon. wink
Posted By: John Sandham Re: Library operating policies - 11/07/01 4:00 PM
Hi Baz
Long time, no see. Haslar is a bit far to come, and our library is now up and running smoothly. Nice to see you joining in.
My number at PAH is 01279 827533, give me a ring.
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