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Posted By: JoLee Which trolley ? - 07/05/08 2:29 PM
We had a Bristol Maid trolley at Blackpool - a sturdy 2 level blue framed trolley with 2 red buckets which we used to cart around medical equipment. It is no more and has been condemned.

I need to find a replacement that is no heavier, and can cope with the equipment we regularly transport. What do people use in their workplaces for carrying equipment ? any ideas/recommendations ? I would really really appreciate any help here. We are using our back up trolley which is too small right now and slowing us up substantially cry

HELP!!! eek smile
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Which trolley ? - 07/05/08 2:49 PM
Which one?

If you have lots of money, why not draw up your own spec of exactly what you need (big wheels, brakes, etc.), then start looking in catalogues like Metro?

If you don't mind the "industrial" look, you could even go for a folding one!

Actually, there are many variations available. As I say, if I were you I would design my own, and then (either build it myself, or...) spend a bit of time on the web! smile

Posted By: Eddie Re: Which trolley ? - 07/05/08 3:53 PM
RS do a nice range, there not in the catalog (not the ME version anyway)but they are sturdy and are available in various sizes (Hard Plastic but very light and sturdy)

Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Which trolley ? - 07/05/08 4:22 PM
Yes, Mate, but actually made by others (and therefore cheaper elsewhere)!

And, thinking about it, I believe I would go for pneumatic tyres, myself. How about one of these? smile
Posted By: Eddie Re: Which trolley ? - 07/05/08 4:23 PM
Oh the luxury of a free market!

Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Which trolley ? - 07/05/08 4:29 PM
Yeah, it's taken me at least four years to get used to it! But actually, I have reservations about all this customer choice. These days it takes me forever just to select a loaf of bread from the zillions on display at ASDA, Morrisons, Safeways, Tesco et al. And don't even ask about HomeBase, or B&Q! smile
Posted By: Kawasaki Re: Which trolley ? - 08/05/08 6:43 AM
Homebase and B&Q are selling bread now???!!!!! Wonders will never cease.
Posted By: KM Re: Which trolley ? - 08/05/08 7:10 AM
Have you tried W Shuttleworth of Oldham.
They have a catalogue range, but will basically make anything you want. From cylinder trolleys, carts, bedside stands, equipmnt trolleys etc.
They are a manufacturing company who also suply some of the above.
We had some custom made cylnder transporters and a couple of test equipment trolleys made.
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Which trolley ? - 08/05/08 7:18 AM
Shuttleworth. And (whilst I'm on), this is a good one for castors. smile
Posted By: Lee S Re: Which trolley ? - 08/05/08 7:45 AM
I found an old notes trolley and fitted the wheels from an old crash trolley to it.

Big wheels were needed because during the PFI process we were relocated into a stand alone building across the car park (glorified shed).

Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Which trolley ? - 08/05/08 7:58 AM
Oh yes, the spec must include big wheels (five inches minimum, but bigger would be even better). Plus rubber tyres. Solid will do, but pneumatic would be better (just as long as you keep a pump handy)! Two wheels only need to be castors (and have brakes).

I would forget about stainless steel. A bright, plasticised paint finish would be my choice. For the library role, I would go for "baskets" rather than "flat top" tiers. Probably a deep one on top, and a shallow one below (for leads, papers etc). I'm undecided about the buckets! smile
Posted By: Eddie Re: Which trolley ? - 08/05/08 8:43 AM
"ITS JUST A TROLLY" Calm down! calm down!

Ed grin
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Which trolley ? - 08/05/08 9:10 AM
No, Mate ... that's just where you're wrong, I'm afraid. How many times do you see staff struggling with the "wrong" cart? Just open your eyes when you're out in the wards and corridors today!

When I was involved in new hospital projects, the whole issue of "trolleys" was a big deal (well, for those of us who took the work seriously, that is)!

Circulation and Capacities Studies can include stuff like (just a taste so as not to bore you too much):-

- trucks have a handle (or towing bar)
- trolleys are either tall or long
- carts are small and low (hip height)

... but "carts" is as good a generic term as any.

And a good (or should I say efficient) hospital is run on carts! As much as possible should be mobile (ie, on wheels). As we know, there are many types of cart (case carts, janitors' carts, all the distribution stuff - ward supplies, linen et al, plus all the kitchen stuff ... etc.).

Good design is good design, whether its an operating suite ... or the janitors' cart (...or, for that matter, patient monitors, anaesthesia systems ... or computer software)! Beats me how you can make light of such an important matter! wink
Posted By: Eddie Re: Which trolley ? - 08/05/08 9:27 AM
Sorry mate, I stand corrected, I seem to have fallen off mine long ago! I was thinking sort of minimum standard not nascar!

Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Which trolley ? - 08/05/08 9:34 AM
No worries, Mate, it's an oft-neglected area. But, when you think about it for a moment or two, it really is quite important. Whichever trolley JoLee goes for (or gets given), she will be stuck with it (day in, day out) for what, ten years or more? So why (should she) settle for "minimum"? Like everything else (toolkits come to mind), it's best to sit down and think about it, and then get it right from the start. smile
Posted By: KM Re: Which trolley ? - 08/05/08 11:11 AM
If you really are stuck i also believe NASA are doing a nice range their top of the range model will even take you into space and bring you back again. (its just a cart, well its used to carry stuff)
Cant believe Bristol Maid will match that.
Posted By: Eddie Re: Which trolley ? - 08/05/08 11:13 AM
Lol, ask Dave to give us a guided tour!

Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Which trolley ? - 08/05/08 11:47 AM
I'm not going to bite, guys (mainly on the grounds that I am right, and you are wrong)!

But suffice to say, why not try struggling around the hospital yourself for a day (or better yet, a week), collecting kit with an inadequate old cart that you found somewhere, then come back and tell us how you feel about the issue! smile
Posted By: Huw Re: Which trolley ? - 08/05/08 12:02 PM
That's not biting, then Geoff? wink
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Which trolley ? - 08/05/08 12:18 PM
As is well known, Mate, my bark is worse than my bite! smile
Posted By: Mike Burns Re: Which trolley ? - 08/05/08 12:54 PM
The guys in our Equipment Library use a trolley supplied by Slingsby. It is rated for 350Kg and does the job for us. The size is approx 5ft by 3ft by 3 ft deep. It carries pressure mattresses and all our infusion devices back and forwards on a daily basis. They have used it for several years now without any hitches. It has drop sides, handles front and back and is also very manoeuvrable.

The guys in main stores also use them to carry supplies to the Wards. Slingsby's number is 01274 721591.
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Which trolley ? - 08/05/08 1:45 PM
That's good information, Mike. Welcome to the forum, by the way. Whether the library needs to cart pressure mattresses about is an excellent point for consideration (I have seen "rolling tables" used for such a purpose). Meanwhile, here's a link to Slingsby (note the nice big wheels, complete with pneumatic tyres)! smile
Posted By: JoLee Re: Which trolley ? - 09/05/08 6:51 AM
Never thought Id see the day but I agree with Geoff grin ;)the standard, design and stability of a trolley is absolutely essential! Having run and operated an equipment library for up to 2 years, loading collecting and delivering equipment has to be done on a robust and safely designed piece of kit. Also of importance is its contribution to infection control, thus in part it cannot have perforated sides or a basket design ( baskets are a real pain with leads from machines n all !). We have some Bristol Maid trollies at present which have served us well, but when we moved to Baxters they became too small. We have reviewed our working practice anyway as we were carrying far too much around - we now want a trolley that will carry a reasonable amount of stock, and some collections and will not develop a lean or dodgy wheels as has happened before rolleyes I will look into all that has been suggested,but as Geoff has highlighted this may seem like a mundane issue but has ramifications for health and safety that if not followed can but an entire staff team off sick in a matter of days if faulty or poorly designed equipment is used intensively. tut
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Which trolley ? - 09/05/08 7:18 AM
OK, so draw up your spec, and share it with us all here (for constructive criticism, helpful suggestions ... and all the rest). smile

PS: sounds like you have in mind more of a dirty linen truck!

Meanwhile, here's another rather jolly one (and, for that price, you could probably afford two or three of them)!
Posted By: JoLee Re: Which trolley ? - 09/05/08 8:15 AM
Well - the truck idea is fine but we would have to lift Baxter's out of it so that's no good as that would involve bending into and lifting out of ! The other one (jolly trolley) whilst very sturdy has no sides thus would worry me as we only need a jolt and the equipment would merrily bounce off the trolley. So we need one that has buckets on - plastic preferably for cleaning, that will fit at a minimum 4 Baxter Colleagues. Two tier would be ideal so that we can carry at least 4 Asena GH syringe pumps as well.We did see a medical records trolley that split into two trollies - but the buckets were perforated thus an infection risk. It needs good sturdy wheels and steering so that the operator is NOT twisting or shifting with the trolley weight, and most importantly the actual frame of the trolley needs to be light so as not to add to the overall load! Don't want much do I ? We do use a linen truck for our satellite trolley store - this is chained to a wall in a space next to A/E at night so that out of hours staff can access stock to replenish their equipment trolley at night to service wards. It is however way too big to use as a trolley to deliver and collect equipment during normal hours. Another consideration we would love is something power assisted - you see them for meals delivery - but I have havent yet found anything small enough that would service our needs ~sigh! All constructive criticism and helpful suggestions welcome !!
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Which trolley ? - 09/05/08 8:52 AM
Sounds a bit like you need to think along these lines, then! smile

Meanwhile, when you say "buckets", do you mean "large plastic storage bins" (as in rectangular)? Or are you talking about bunging your IV pumps into, er ... buckets?
Posted By: JoLee Re: Which trolley ? - 09/05/08 9:17 AM
Ok grin not a bucket - I meant large storage bins type things
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Which trolley ? - 09/05/08 9:30 AM
Well, you know how it is with us old-fashioned technical types: we just like to use the correct terminology! To be honest, when I read your posts I had imagined large red buckets dangling from your cart. I thought perhaps you just tossed mains leads etc. in one, and used giving sets (or whatever) in another! smile
Posted By: JoLee Re: Which trolley ? - 09/05/08 1:00 PM
Makes us sound like milk maids laugh
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Which trolley ? - 09/05/08 1:03 PM
With the complexion to match, no doubt! blush

Meanwhile, here's another idea.
Posted By: D.O.A Re: Which trolley ? - 09/05/08 3:39 PM
Well we have ordered a trolley from www.kaiserkraft.co.uk and it is perfect for our needs. We also have the standard RS flatbed trolleys which also do the basic role we need is for. Both options work well. Good luck!!
Posted By: JoLee Re: Which trolley ? - 13/05/08 1:51 PM
So far I am not finding what I need groan. I want a 2 level truck/trolley with containers that are removable so we can clean them. They need to hold 4 Baxters at a minimum and 4 asena syringe pumps on bottom. Be able to be steered easily and with good handles. Most models seem too small, are of wire mesh ( no good), or the weight of the trolley is too heavy before we even start to load on equipment. These trollies go out 3/4 times a day to collect and deliver equipment - they get heavy use!! IS there nothing that will work for us ? I seem to have hit a real gap in the market!
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Which trolley ? - 13/05/08 2:58 PM
As I've already hinted (?) at, why not design your own, then get it custom-made? smile
Posted By: JoLee Re: Which trolley ? - 14/05/08 7:50 AM
I think we may finally have found one from Slingsby - thanks for the link whoever gave me that one cos it helped! I needed one like NOW Geoff or I would have indulged in custom made sigh. We are running round with a very small trolley at the mo which is a real pain. Thanks so much for all the help and suggestions everyone
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Which trolley ? - 14/05/08 3:17 PM
Well done. Don't forget to let us know which one you finally go (went) for, and how you get on with it. I expect Huw would even let you post a picture of it in action (with your gang alongside, of course), if you ask him nicely. smile
Posted By: Huw Re: Which trolley ? - 14/05/08 3:23 PM
Post in the gallery Jo smile

We've all been following this saga laugh
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Which trolley ? - 14/05/08 3:29 PM
Originally Posted By: Huw
We've all been following this saga laugh

... surely you forgot to add:- "with great interest"?
Posted By: JoLee Re: Which trolley ? - 15/05/08 9:54 AM
boggleerm ok if it makes you all happy! I will do so when it arrives, then you can all say erm why the hell have you gone for that one ? wink cool
Posted By: JoLee Re: Which trolley ? - 16/05/08 8:40 AM
It came - they sent the wrong one!! tut mad mad mad now waiting for the replacement!!!!!
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Which trolley ? - 16/05/08 1:11 PM
Originally Posted By: JoLee
... then you can all say erm why the hell have you gone for that one ?

Curses ... I see you saw straight through my (not so cunning) ruse!

But, how come you got (sent) the wrong one? smile
Posted By: JoLee Re: Which trolley ? - 19/05/08 12:20 PM
Because they are numpties it appears!!!
Posted By: JoLee Re: Which trolley ? - 23/05/08 11:13 AM
Well the saga continues - the rep has been - we have scrapped the original idea and various examples are being brought in for our perusal ! We will end up with something more purpose built methinks !
Posted By: JoLee Re: Which trolley ? - 03/06/08 6:32 PM
The light is nearing the end of the tunnel! grinthe trolley spec has been ordered - nice shiny new one with 4 swivel wheels - broad base with slip resistant mat inset on 2 tiers. Top level with ( we hope) box with lid for dirty equipment, bottom level with box (open) for clean equipment - two handled for easy use around cramped lifts and corridors. Bevelled edges with rubberised protection to prevent bruised library officers etc etc - crazy well let's hope we have got it right half way at least! I get the quotes by end of the week - if they fit the bill we might even get two shocked shocked Then I will have happy support workers and an even happier me when I work a lone shift and have to lug flaming Baxters around! eek
Posted By: Eddie Re: Which trolley ? - 03/06/08 6:38 PM
Race yer Jo!

Posted By: D.O.A Re: Which trolley ? - 04/06/08 8:28 AM
Well let us know on costings and maybe a picture! Seems like we could all do with a trolley like that.

Hope all goes well.
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Which trolley ? - 04/06/08 9:26 PM
In similar vein, today I had the pleasure of checking out the (soon to be famous) Cumberland trolley (take a look at the pictures and see if you can spot the snafu with this otherwise well-thought out design). I mention this mainly to demonstrate that it is possible for trolleys to be custom manufactured to suit specific requirements.

By the way, JoLee, did you mean four castors when you said "four swivel wheels". A mistake, in my opinion. Best to have two fixed wheels at one end, and two braked castors at the other. Otherwise, how are you going to control (steer) the thing? It's not too late to change the spec, I hope. smile
Posted By: JoLee Re: Which trolley ? - 05/06/08 9:54 AM
Couldnt disagree more Geoff! We have the type of wheel arrangement you describe on one of the EBME models! NO way! Try getting hemmed in a lift with hospital beds in a busy period and not being able to manoeuvre with the two fixed wheels! My steering is excellent as is my braking capacity - as for your challenge Ed - you are on! wink
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Which trolley ? - 05/06/08 10:06 AM
As an example, look at the Kings Fund bed. There you have the best of both worlds (lockable "steering", or free, as the occasion requires). Free steering (castors) on all wheels simply leads to the trolley having a mind of its own (eg, when encountering camber, "pot-holes", and all the rest), calling for almost constant extra effort by the "driver". Good exercise for the abdominals, though. By design, four castors implies two operators (one at each end). Anyway, I rest my case (as someone who has probably put in more "trolley miles" than most on this forum, I should imagine). smile
Posted By: JoLee Re: Which trolley ? - 06/06/08 7:46 AM
Ya reckon Geoff!re the trolley miles that is ? as you say good for the abs - best come to the forum then and demonstrate live the hard earned benefits for all to see eh ! wink
Point taken but for us this seems a good and useful compromise to the range we have been shown - I will get a pic when we have the beast in place, and if we suffer from the trolley taking us over I will let you know - I've got a vision of this demonic thing hurling library officers aside as it hurtles down a corridor flinging equipment willy nilly grin boggle
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Which trolley ? - 06/06/08 8:01 AM
Re: trolley miles. Yes, no doubt about it (I've got more than a few years start on you, I expect). But we're talking about the past here (as usual), so the abs are not what they once were, I'm afraid.

But, I would still try to get "lockable" swivels on one pair of wheels if I were you. smile
Posted By: JoLee Re: Which trolley ? - 14/06/08 6:39 AM
grin grinUnreasonable excitment !! I ordered TWO trollies yesterday - hey you get to my age you are easily pleased!! boggle grin
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Which trolley ? - 25/02/09 7:54 PM

We're all wondering how you've been getting on with the infamous trolleys, JoLee. smile

Are we calling it the "Blackpool Trolley"? And when do we get to see the picture?

I'm only asking because the place where I am at the moment is looking to replace its own Equipment Library Trolley.
Posted By: JoLee Re: Which trolley ? - 26/02/09 3:11 PM
Hi Geoff, Our trolley is alive and well albeit with some alterations from the original purchase. Its in the Slingsby catalogue page 115 - Steel service trolley. We have the 2 shelf model with swivel wheels. We have 2 trolleys, each with 2 large grey lidded boxes which we use for contaminated stock, and 2 normal plastic boxes ( no lids) for clean stock. We have had works adjust the handle on one side to a higher setting so it is more comfortable to push.
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