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Posted By: brompton Airvo 2 failures - 27/06/18 1:25 PM
Hi Techys
We have had the F&P Airvo high flow Oxygen devices here at Royal London for a number of years now. During that time we have had several replaced under their 'goodwill' scheme because the displays went so dim you could not see them. Recently we have had another fail because of the alarm sounder failed. This unit was one that replaced a display failure a year or more before. They have now asked for us to pay for a new unit at a cost of around £1700, which I feel is a bit much. Why they cant just fit a new sounder at a cost of under £10 I don't know.
Is this happening to your units?
It would appear that these units are not designed to be serviced or repaired, but I'm sure that not many people will want to fork out for new units if a minor failure occurs.

Interested to hear other peoples experience.

Posted By: F&P Re: Airvo 2 failures - 13/07/18 9:47 AM
Hi Richard,

Many thanks for getting in touch, we are happy we could explain and discuss this with you in person.

Kind regards
Posted By: Huw Re: Airvo 2 failures - 13/07/18 11:51 AM

Customer care email address.

[Linked Image]
Posted By: DaveC in Oz Re: Airvo 2 failures - 19/07/18 5:29 AM
Hi Richard, so what did they have to say for themselves? We have a similar situation here in Australia where no parts are available and the units have to be sent away to be repaired or replaced.

Posted By: brompton Re: Airvo 2 failures - 23/07/18 1:50 PM
Hi Dave They have sent me a replacement unit FOC but on the understanding that it has no warranty. You can see that they have sent a tweet, but I don't use twitter. My telephone number was on my original message, so they could have contacted me.
We have another one now that has a problem with the connection to the circuit. It will be interesting to see what the outcome of that one is. We have quite a few of these units here and I'm wondering how long they are going to last.

Posted By: Electric Blobby Re: Airvo 2 failures - 26/08/18 11:27 PM
Had the same and minor failures are just changed for a new unit, not very good under the weee perspective and lesson learnt from this so to check the support and what the terms are.
We have had multiple out of box screen failures.
Posted By: billy11 Re: Airvo 2 failures - 06/08/19 5:16 PM
A year on whats the situation, we are now experiencing failures at the 5 year mark F&P say scrap the device.
Posted By: MattC81 Re: Airvo 2 failures - 07/08/19 8:04 PM
We have had a lot of display failures, any that fail are scrapped and replaced with a new airvo with the upgraded display, the company recognise this is a common fault so will do a deal.
Posted By: ashwell Re: Airvo 2 failures - 09/08/19 2:32 PM
We have had a few failures, and in the past they have been happy to replace them ,once within the warranty period along with a three month or so grace period.Outside of this period they have had to be condemned as they provide no parts or offers for a repair .

It is quite disappointing as they are all just dropping like flies with no help from the company outside of the warranty period.
Posted By: Yaser Re: Airvo 2 failures - 02/10/19 11:50 AM
Exactly the same here, we've had a couple of dim displays and no solution. A real shame as a simple replacement part wouldn't be too hard to replace.
Posted By: billy11 Re: Airvo 2 failures - 02/10/19 4:50 PM
Has anyone opened the device? We have had a look inside and cant see how the seals would be lost.
Posted By: Neoteny Re: Airvo 2 failures - 18/10/19 5:55 AM
Fisher and Paykel have designed this product to get as much money out of the NHS as possible, I tried to get a small part for a flowmeter that is only available from the US and cost less than £10.

Fisher and Paykel will state you have to buy the whole flowmeter at £200.

We warned our trust against it 7 years ago, but they were duped into thinking it would be a cost-saving, if one breaks down after a couple of years, the alternative is a new unit.
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Airvo 2 failures - 18/10/19 7:32 PM

Sounds like a familiar story ... biomed advises against purchase ... but still gets lumbered with supporting it. frown

Initial price may have been a "bargain" ... but Life-Cycle (Whole Life) costs become "onerous"; yes, that sounds about right.
Posted By: Electric Blobby Re: Airvo 2 failures - 26/01/20 11:37 PM
Could some one pm the part number and if this was a voluntary or critical update to the screen please?
Posted By: fabiodb Re: Airvo 2 failures - 26/02/20 12:12 PM
hello, this is lcd for airvo2


it is the origlinal lcd... sometimes there is a little smd fuse broken on vertical pcb (it is a white fuse 500mA)This fuse bring 3,3 Vcc to lcd.
i have repair some Airvo2 without problem
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