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Posted By: MattC81 Defib Stock - 10/08/19 8:26 PM
We are about to replace our stock of Lifepak 20s, If you had to buy one Defib and one AED what would they be. Also some reliability info would be good.
Posted By: Ian Chell Re: Defib Stock - 11/08/19 3:26 PM
HI Matt,

Hope you don't mind me asking but do you think there is any chance of a couple of the old one's being given to Birmingham University for their Biomedical Engineering BEng/MEng Course? It is a new course and they will be put to good educational use but not on each other of course!!

The Uni would be happy to pick up or pay for courier if it would be possible.


Ian Chell
Posted By: MattC81 Re: Defib Stock - 11/08/19 7:27 PM
Everything normally goes to auction and the funds go back into the equipment pot but I will ask the question. Might be a while yet though.
Posted By: Ian Chell Re: Defib Stock - 12/08/19 4:34 AM
Thank you for responding and asking for us. Fully understand it might be a while - this year's lectures are set, so there's plenty of time until the next academic year. Please email me at medical.locations@icloud.com if possible. If an absolute no, then let me know what sort of price they expect - if it's nominal then it may still be possible. Regards - Ian
Posted By: DAS Re: Defib Stock - 02/09/19 9:39 AM
I'll be boring and say

Philips MRx

Philips FRx

Minimal problems with either. Crackling cap on an MRx and a logic pcb on another. Nothing at all to report on FRx.
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