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Morning all,

I work for a 3 ward hospice - 38 beds.

Basic ward equipment - thermometers, pulse oxy and BP machines. Nothing fancy as it isn't ITU life and death so to speak.

As you all know if you want something broken give it to the nursing staff for 5 mins.

I'm looking for recommendations for the all in one spot vital machines. Which are the most robust?
It needs to cover the basics and not be prohibitively expensive either as an initial outlay or on replacement probes etc.

We use the Welch Allyn Connex units, Not to much in the way of hardware failures, in fact hardly any, just the usual probe replacements. Model number is 68NXTX.
The local private hospital also use WA but a more compact version but I don't like the tympanic thermometer system that goes with it. That model is a 71WE.

The WA connex is what I've been looking at.

I guess I'm nervous as our clinical staff have the ability to break probes and thermometers within minutes.
I think they must play catch with them or something!
Yes, the WA units are fairly good but I would go with the 68 not the 71 as the former uses the oral temp probe which is better and more robust than the Braun tympanic on the 71.

On Monday, give a nurse three ball bearings. By Friday, one will be broken, one will be lost and the third will be covered in sticky tape! laugh
What about the new Mindray unit advertised on the home EBME page ??

What Dave in Oz says...the Welch Allyn family is great and hard wearing.

There are also couple of other manufacturers, Mindray (as mentioned above) and Edan and I'm sure there are more out there.

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