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Posted By: Lee S Pressure Relief Mattresses - 05/07/16 12:59 PM

We have a mixture currently of Nimbus 2/ 3 and Active 2 Pressure Relief Mattresses; the Nimbus units are old, becoming unreliable and the new cost is 7 times that of the Active.

The spare parts for the Nimbus units were already expensive, then Arjo took over and the prices have gone through the roof; you can buy a complete Active 2 for little more than the price of the top and bottom covers for the Nimbus now.

The Nimbus mattress has full depth air cells where the Active has a foam base under smaller cells.

So I would like to know
• What Pressure Relief Mattresses are you using?
• Do the staff like them
• Do your Tissue viability nurses like them
• Any issues

Thank you

Posted By: RoJo Re: Pressure Relief Mattresses - 06/07/16 10:16 AM
Have a look at the ones from Sidhil
Not in use but trialled and liked - and cheap to buy and maintain. They do the full range of full mattress with two layers of air cells, single cell ones that go over a foam base, a three cell one that is just like the Nimbus and even a bariatric one.
And their M.A.P. system looks interesting.
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Pressure Relief Mattresses - 06/07/16 10:22 AM

It's good to see that good old British company is still going strong, Robert (and that the equally famous name of Doherty is still being used, as well). smile

Very informative website, too.
Posted By: RoJo Re: Pressure Relief Mattresses - 08/07/16 11:54 AM
They are a very good company to work with. Quite a while ago where I worked bought a lot of their beds and cots. At the end of the delivery a large box was presented to the EBME department. It contained a useful set of spares. We were told if anything fails and we wanted to get it back up and running rather than waiting for their engineer feel free to fit anything and call them and they would replace it. Plus the service engineer would know they would have the spares on site if they visited rather than having to have it delivered.
A simple thing but it made everyone's life easier.
And on top of that the beds were custom made to an unusual specification because of an old lift that was slightly too short for standard beds.
A family company that does things that the "big boys" cannot or will not do.
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Pressure Relief Mattresses - 08/07/16 10:04 PM

As we all know, "quality" is a word* that has been banded about a little too freely (and often) in recent years ... but stories like that one express what real Quality is all about.

Thanks for sharing that with us, Robert. smile

* Rather than a concept - which is what it should be.
Posted By: Charlie A Re: Pressure Relief Mattresses - 21/07/16 2:19 PM
Have you looked at this
Posted By: Lee S Re: Pressure Relief Mattresses - 22/07/16 10:53 AM
Hello Charlie

The literature says "this unique system has the facility to ‘step up’ to that of a dynamic mattress"; funnily enough so does the Active 2.

Are you actually using these systems?

Posted By: Dustcap Re: Pressure Relief Mattresses - 26/07/16 12:10 PM
Afternoon all.
Can i ask whether any of you already have the Sidhil Innov8 IQ beds?
We are having a problem with the frames, was just wondering if anyone else had issues with the same model?
Posted By: Electric Blobby Re: Pressure Relief Mattresses - 18/08/16 9:27 PM
MAke sure that what you get has in built termperature management and climnate control in the mattress to reduce the breeding grounds for germs.
Posted By: Purple Hayes Re: Pressure Relief Mattresses - 06/03/19 4:20 PM
Hello there,

Has anyone experience of the Version 1 (First) Direct Heathcare Mercury Advance Pump and Mattress?


Posted By: iozzie Re: Pressure Relief Mattresses - 03/09/19 2:42 PM
We have Direct Healthcare Mercury Advance Pump and Mattress from 2016 so maybe v2!!????

We initially had no issues but then we started getting noisy pumps just before end of year 1
Upon receiving the service reports we noticed they all came back with a faulty internal elbow on the compressor.

The company we deal with gave great customer service and eventually agreed to upgrade all the elbows and perform a PM. The upgrade to the elbow and the PM was proving to be too time consuming so they decided to change the compressor including upgrades to the elbow.

Since then just under a year since the change of the compressor we are again getting noisy pumps this time the returning service reports are stating rust on the compressor....

I will be contacting the company this week so I will keep you all posted.

The problem we have is we had somebody agree to these pumps who came from a non clinical / non engineering background
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Pressure Relief Mattresses - 03/09/19 3:31 PM

Originally Posted by iozzie

The problem we have is we had somebody agree to these pumps who came from a non clinical / non engineering background

Don't leave us hanging there, Mate ... what background did they come from then? smile

PS: the service manual looks OK (and is available on line).
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