The MHRA are currently looking for two EBME engineers to join the MHRA’s (Devices Safety and Surveillance Unit) list of expert advisors for electrical safety.

The Devices Safety and Surveillance Unit have a list of expert advisors across a range of areas some of whom have a clinical and/or a technical background. These advisors are contacted on an ad-hoc basis by medical device specialists, who may require advice relating to the safety of medical devices (including review of corrective actions proposed by manufacturers in the event of medical device safety concerns). In some circumstances the external advisor may be asked to review a clinical trial application by conducting a conformity assessment, which consists of reviewing documentation provided by the applicant and providing comments/questions for the manufacturer. The assessor is paid for each investigation they review.

I have been asked to nominate two individuals who may be interested in joining the MHRA list of expert advisors for electrical safety.

This is mainly ad-hoc unpaid voluntary work - with respect to the adhoc advice, this isn’t paid for and would usually consist of an email or a telephone call. The advisors are only paid if they are needed to conduct a review of the technical file for a clinical investigation ( £880 per review) The work is all done electronically i.e. via emails etc, so they wouldn’t be required to commute.

If you feel that you have the time and relevant expertise in electrical safety, please 'private message' me through this forum.

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