Hi everyone.

Can you help me please? Any comments will be gratefully received.

My company, Convert Technologies has recently been awarded a Government Innovate UK grant, and Phase 1 is to gain real insight into the operational and technical aspects of how best to manage key ‘assets’ (Medical Equipment) in and around hospitals.

This will inform the design & development of an innovative technology platform and provide you with the opportunity to help shape the final solution. If you could provide some input on the seven questions below, I would really appreciate it, thanks.

1. What ‘asset’ tracking solution (if any) do you have in place to track important medical equipment?

2. How does this solution currently operate?

3. What does the solution NOT do? i.e. what are the pains and/or gaps with it?

4. Approximately, how many assets are currently tracked and how many do you have in total?

5. As a Trust, how do you monitor utilisation of your assets? If so, generally speaking, what % is it currently at?

6. How do you make sure that assets are in the right place, or can be found easily when they are required?

7. How do you know when a particular asset needs maintenance and how do you report on this when maintenance is completed?