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LAB produced red blood cells are set to be transfused into humans by 2017LAB produced red blood cells are set to be transfused into humans by 2017, NHS Blood and Transplant announces.


The landmark in-man clinical trials of manufactured blood form a key part of the blood and organ service's 2020 Research and Development programme.

Published today (25/6/15) the plan outlines how NHS Blood and Transplant, in partnership with leading universities, will develop transfusion, transplantation and regenerative medicine over the next five years.

10 Downing StreetThe Prime Minister, David Cameron, will use his first major speech since the election to set out his vision for a modern NHS that will work for patients 7 days a week. The government will prioritise patient access to all services - from GP access to hospital care - backing NHS England's plan for modernising the NHS.

Investment into the NHS will increase by £8 billion a year by the end of the Parliament to support the transformation of services across the country, including an increase in the number of GPs, faster access to new drugs and treatments and a greater focus on mental health and healthy living.

Jeremy-HuntIn my final message to you before the election I would like to thank you for pulling out all the stops and achieving remarkable results despite the huge pressures of an ageing population.


Last year you carried out over one million more operations than 5 years ago and saw over 6 million more people in outpatient appointments.


Alongside this, over 430,000 NHS staff have undertaken dementia training, transforming the way we look after one of the most vulnerable patient groups.


medical technologyDetails of a review into plans to give NHS patients quicker access to innovative medicines and medical technology have been announced.


The ‘Innovative Medicines and Medical Technology Review’ will improve the speed at which medical innovations such as precision medicines, digital devices, apps, diagnostics and new therapeutic technologies get to patients and their families.


The review will be led by Sir Hugh Taylor, Chair of Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust. He will be supported by an expert advisory group headed by Professor Sir John Bell, Regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford University. The review is supported by the Wellcome Trust.

NHS privatisation: Why the fuss?

surgeons operating - NHS privatisation

The words privatisation and NHS together are enough to start a fight in an empty room. But what exactly do we mean by it? And why does the issue make many so angry?

London's Cromwell Hospital, run by Bupa, does a good trade in NHS patients at its gamma knife radiosurgery centre. About a third of the patients with brain tumours seen there are sent by the NHS, costing the health service nearly £7,300 a go.

But even the most ardent critics of privatisation in England (it tends to be a debate which is focused there) accept this.

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