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Sir Robert Francis launches new review into NHS reporting culture to make it easier for NHS staff to speak up.


  • New safety drive with ambition to save up to 6,000 lives and halve avoidable harm


NHS rated as open and honestThe NHS will for the first time allow the public the opportunity to compare key safety measures across hundreds of NHS Trusts in England.


It shows that the vast majority of NHS hospitals are rated as "good" or "ok" for their reporting culture. However, around one in five acute trusts, or 20 per cent have been rated as "poor" for open and honest reporting, underlining the need to support NHS staff to report and raise safety concerns.

By James Gallagher. BBC

tooth laserLasers have been used to regenerate parts of damaged teeth and could one day be used to prevent root canal treatments, claim US researchers.The laser beam triggered a series of changes that led to the formation of new dentin, the layer below the enamel, in animal tests.


The results, in Science Translational Medicine, showed stem cells in the dental pulp were activated. Experts said it was intriguing, but a long way from the dentist's chair. The team at Harvard University used a drill to remove part of a tooth in mice and rats. One dose of laser therapy on the damaged tooth led to the production of a partial layer of dentin 12 weeks later.


It was not a perfect match for natural dentin, but the researchers argue it would be easier to achieve with human teeth, which would be larger, and by refining the laser.  The scientists could not produce a new layer of the hard enamel that protects the tooth from wear and tear.

Several leading health and financial organisations say that looking at quality and costs together will mean fundamental changes to services

Clinical and financial leaders in the NHS say that looking at quality and costs together will mean fundamental changes to services and lead to better value and improved care for patients.


Leaders from the NHS Confederation, the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) and the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management say that it is important that the current programme of local service transformation continues. The group would also like to see the 'disconnect' between quality and finance removed, so that quality is delivered at the right cost.

 Furry friend or feline menace?


cats TB"Cats have passed TB to humans for the first time," the Daily Mail reports. Authorities are closely monitoring the situation and the risk of further transmission has been described as "very low".


The headline is based on the news that two people in England have developed tuberculosis (TB) after contact with a domestic cat infected with Mycobacterium bovis (M. bovis). This bacterium is a leading cause of TB in cattle and a less common cause, in other species.


This is newsworthy as these are the first documented cases of cat-to-human transmission anywhere in the world.

 190,000 new ‘Dementia Friends’ at M&S, Argos, Homebase, Lloyds Bank and Lloyds Pharmacy

  • £90m package to improve dementia diagnosis
  • Prime Minister appoints World Dementia Envoy

Following December’s G8 summit, the UK continues to lead the world in the fight against dementia with a £90 million package to improve dementia diagnosis and care and the appointment of a World Dementia Envoy to raise funds for research towards a cure. Leading British businesses have also signed up to the cause with over 190,000 staff at M&S, Argos, Homebase, Lloyds Bank and Lloyds Pharmacy to learn to support customers who have dementia. Following the ambition set out as part of the Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia, NHS England will invest £90 million in diagnosing two thirds of people with dementia by March 2015. As part of this, NHS England will work with local areas where we know that in some it takes up to 25 weeks to carry out diagnostic assessments whereas in others the wait is as little as six weeks on average.

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