Ever mindful of the increasing financial constraints on customers Drager Medical is introducing excellent update and upgrade options to its Evita ventilator range.

Not only are there software updates available for your existing ventilator fleet but you can also upgrade your Evita 2 Dura and Evita 4 to the full functionality of the Evita XL,

Update your Evita ventilators to the latest software versions  - Why?

Updating the software operating levels on your Evita ventilators will ensure your entire installed base has the same software, making it easier to manage more effectively and control spare parts.

The latest software versions are available for the Evita 2 Dura 4.22, Evita 4 4.22 and Evita XL 6.12. Each unit update costs ?115.00 +VAT, which includes installation time, travel, completion of standard device pre use check and latest up to date electronic IEC Technical manual.

Upgrade your Evita 2 Dura and Evita 4 to the full functionality of the Evita XL - Why?

Upgrading to the full functionality of the latest Evita XL brings with it a host of additional features, including:

- our knowledge based weaning system will maintain the high quality of patient care while improving workflow and reducing the clinical workload.
Lung Protection Package - helps you initiate lung protective ventilation and accelerates recovery.
Mask Ventilation NIV - the Evita series offers all modes of ventilation in both NIV and conventional invasive ventilation with automatic leak compensation. Intelligent alarms eliminate unnecessary interruption.
ETC02 - the integrated C02 measurement enhances patient safety and supports good ventilatory management.
NeoFlow - in Intensive Care where patient range covers adults to infants as well as neonates, one ventilator for all types of patients is of real benefit.
Proportional Pressure Support PPS - the distinctive feature of this mode in comparison to other support modes is that positive pressure delivered at the airway is directly proportional to patient effort.

For details on the Evita software updates and upgrades mentioned above please call us on 01442 213542 or email med-marketing.uk @draeger.com

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