At Eastwood Park we fully recognise that the responsibilities of keeping up with the latest official guidelines are considerable.  The need to refresh existing approaches to many key areas such as fire strategies, energy management and decontamination etc presents new challenges.

This is why we have reviewed our training portfolio and have introduced a number of new courses to help managers through the ever-changing legislation and guidelines, while also presenting the latest technologies to assist the process.

Improving Energy Performance in Buildings (HTM 07-02) This new six-day course presents new energy saving technologies and highlights the legislative impact of energy consumption. It enables assessment of energy performance in your buildings and includes a 12-point energy reduction plan for implementation.  The sixth day is held two month later to allow for a review.

Implementing the latest Fire Strategy Guidelines (HTM 05-01) These new regulations aim to deliver appropriate integration of the fire strategy across the whole of an organisation.  With both our one and two day courses we provide guidance in line with the Fire Safety Order and FIRECODE.  We also offer a new consultative process to assist with the design and implementation of a fire strategy and subsequent training requirements bespoke to your own organisation?s needs.

Foundation Degree Medical Technologies This is a new Foundation Degree for three areas of medical technology: medical equipment and medical gas technology plus medical device decontamination.  It is a two-year work-based programme that goes beyond the Level 3 NVQ.

Testing Human Waste Washer Disinfectors (HTM 2030) This is a new two and a half day course in the decontamination portfolio.  It will provide test persons with the key knowledge and skills to test Human Waste WD?s to HTM 2030 guidelines, and BS EN ISO 15883.

Introduction to Gas Plasma Sterilisation As a new technology in sterilisation this one-day introductory course will provide an overview of the process and provide the user and operator with the knowledge and understanding of the technology behind gas plasma sterilisation.

Many of our courses can be delivered on site, if required. Also a certificate of attendance is provided on completion of all courses.

If you would welcome more information or advise on these or any of our other courses please call 01454 262777 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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