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The days when you could find an abundance of skilled clinical/medical engineers, is sadly over, presenting a ‘deep and enduring’ severe skills shortage as highlighted recently in a report published by the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine, (IPEM, 2022). The Further/Higher Education, (FE/HE), sector provide ‘T’ Levels, apprenticeships, degrees, and the academic grounding, but at Eastwood Park it has emerged that there is often a gap between FE/HE delivery and the practical and specialist knowledge required as a clinical/medical engineer. This is where Eastwood Park and our modern training facilities seek to close that gap.

The innovative training facility at Eastwood Park provides that safe, effective, modern, and realistic learning environment where clinical/medical engineers can develop their knowledge, skills, and behaviour’s. This is achieved through promotion of learner engagement at an individual level with a wide range of current test equipment, medical devices and supported by sessions in anatomy & physiology, technical techniques, digital skills, and critical thinking. This facilitates our learners to develop confidence, professionalism, and capability to engage with clinicians, IT professionals and analysists regarding the engineering support delivered throughout the life cycle of medical devices. The training delivered by Eastwood Park stretches and challenges our learners placing them at the centre of everything we do within the medical engineering portfolio.

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Photograph Captions:

  1. Mark Fordham, our Medical Engineering Portfolio Manager speaking at this year’s EBME Expo in Coventry

    Training Transformation Project 2

  2. Students working individually during a recent Servicing of Ventilation & Anesthetic Equipment Course in our modern workshop

    Training Transformation Project 2

  3. Testing of a patient monitor using state of the art test equipment

    Training Transformation Project 2

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