Navigating the intricate world of healthcare technology can be daunting, but with MACTRON GROUP’s latest innovations in panel PCs, medical professionals are finding it easier than ever to focus on what truly counts: delivering exceptional patient care. As Relec Electronics’ gears up to showcase the state-of-the-art WMP and WMR series at the upcoming EBME exhibition, we look at how these devices are transforming everyday medical tasks into seamless, efficient care delivery.

WMP Series

Superior Build and Materials

The WMP series is engineered using aluminium die casting, a process that enhances the casing’s strength and heat dissipation compared to regular aluminium. This method not only extends the device's lifespan but also ensures it can withstand the rigorous demands of a medical environment. Coupled with its fanless design and IP65-rated front panel, the WMP series stands out as a robust solution capable of resisting water and dust ingress, crucial for maintaining sanitary conditions.

Designed for the Digital Healthcare Era

These include features like medical anti-bacterial materials, a dedicated medical power adapter, and comprehensive electrostatic discharge protection, they are tailored for environments where hygiene and safety are crucial. Whether it’s for diagnostics, patient monitoring, or as part of a nursing workstation, the WMP series brings digital efficiency right to the healthcare professional’s fingertips.


Ease of Use and Future Expansion

The WMP medical panel PCs are designed for practical enhancements such as magnetic I/O port covers and optional extension power switches to boost usability without compromising safety. With the upcoming introduction of a new 11.6” model, Relec Electronics is committed to providing healthcare facilities with the latest advancements in medical technology.

WMR Series

Hot Swappable Battery – A Game Changer

Imagine a busy hospital ward where downtime is not an option. The WMR series tackles this challenge with its hot-swappable battery feature, enabling continuous use without the need to power down for charging. Seamlessly transitioning from mains power in a fixed position to battery power when mobile, it's like a hybrid between a panel PC and a tablet. This feature is complemented by a large 23.8" Full HD display with responsive 10-point PCAP touch technology, ensuring that critical patient information is always accessible.

Tailored for Hospital Use

Every aspect of the WMR series is designed with the hospital environment in mind—from its medical-grade anti-microbial coating to its ability to withstand rigorous cleaning protocols. Accessories like a multi-bay battery charger, barcode scanner, and additional power banks make the WMR series not just a panel PC, but a comprehensive tool that adapts to the needs of modern medical facilities.


As we look forward to showcasing these innovative products at the EBME exhibition, it’s clear that MACTRON’s WMP and WMR series are just the choice for medical equipment developers. They are integral to creating environments where healthcare professionals can thrive, ensuring that patient care is delivered efficiently, safely, and with the highest quality. Join us at the EBME exhibition 26th & 27th June at stand J08 to see firsthand how Relec Electronics’ is helping drive the future of medical technology, one panel PC at a time.

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