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Mindray will return to the EBME Expo in 2023 to help clinical and engineering teams unlock the full potential of connected digital workflows with a comprehensive range of solutions and free workshops for EBMEs.

Driven by a vision of ‘better healthcare for all’, the global medical device manufacturer is committed to offering accessible innovation that helps improve patient outcomes. Its range of scalable, connected solutions integrate devices to provide holistic data monitoring at the point-of-care.

Wireless Troubleshooting and Remote Monitoring - hands-on workshop

EBMEs battling time-consuming wireless troubleshooting and stock management are invited to join Mindray’s free, practical one-hour workshops at the Expo on 29th June, starting at 10am, 11,30am and 2pm. Free places can be registered at: www.ebme-expo.com/mindray-workshop/

Learning from real connectivity projects and installations in hospitals and NHS Trusts, attendees will get practical tips to anticipate, identify, and resolve network issues faster.

A series of practical tasks will also share methods to optimise device setups, centralise device management, and streamline time-consuming tasks like updates and configurations, which can now be deployed to multiple devices at the touch of a button.

Topics will include: wireless signal strength; signal to noise ratio; channel interference; ping tests; remote monitoring; diagnosing and resolving connection issues in remote monitoring; locating devices; and virtual central monitoring.
Mindray A9

Discover Connected Solutions – stand D01

With open network architecture and interoperability, Mindray’s patient monitoring and connectivity solutions ensure clinical teams can make informed decisions faster with instant access to the latest patient data.

With Mindray’s solutions, the entire patient journey can be connected so clinical teams have the latest on a patient’s status.

  • Emergency rescue: Fast, accurate handovers between rescuers and EDs are made possible with the new D60 defibrillator. It not only charges to 360 joules in under 2.5 seconds for fast resuscitation but also includes ultrasound and 12 lead ECG analysis for a clearer picture of patient status. Interoperability allows readings to be shared with ED teams so they can prepare for arrivals.

  • Perioperative care: AI, smart tools, and automation help clinicians conduct efficient and accurate examinations to improve outcomes and maximise patient comfort. The A9 anaesthesia system comes equipped with HNFC to make intubation possible in under 30 seconds, and the TEX20 ultrasound system comes with a huge array of smart tools to enhance the speed and accuracy of examinations. With two-way interoperability, clinicians can access and update EPRs with the click of a button so they can focus more on their patient and respond quickly to any changes.

  • Intensive and critical care: Live and historic patient data can be accessed at the bedside and at nurses’ stations through the BeneVision N Series patient monitors and the BeneVision Central Management System (CMS). Critical patient statis alerts can be automatically escalated and even sent to mobiles so teams can provide a rapid response no matter where they are.

  • General wards: Mindray’s vital signs and wearable monitors allow nurses to spend less time on administration and more quality time with patients. The VS9 vital signs workstation can take blood pressure in 15 seconds for greater patient comfort, and any readings can automatically be added to EPRs, saving even more time on spot checks. One of the latest releases, the mWear wearable monitor, provides comprehensive continuous monitoring for ambulatory patients so clinical teams can respond fast to the earliest signs of deterioration.
    Mindray A9

Full interoperability between devices and EPRs can be supported with the M-Connect IT Solution. With scalable integration, digital workflows can be established ward by ward and refined to suit the needs of each department.

The connectivity also extends to engineering teams, with M-IoT systems for remote monitoring of all devices. Mass deployments of upgrades and configurations are made possible with the push of a button while giving teams visibility of device status so they can prioritise maintenance work and stay ahead of technical issues.

To find our more about Mindray and its product range, visit: www.mindray.com/uk

Media information: Contact Rebecca Mills on 07872 456120 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For further information visit: www.mindrayuk.com 

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