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Timely, precise and effective anaesthesia

Managing your patients’ anaesthesia requires precise devices1. Built on the BD Alaris™ neXus platform, the BD Alaris™ neXus PK syringe pump is designed to offer timely, precise and effective anaesthesia for children and adults.

Improving workflow efficiency

Workflow efficiency is highly important in busy operating rooms (OR)2. BD Alaris™ neXus PK offers a user-friendly interface and a large display showing all critical infusion data at a glance.

Promoting patient safety

During complex OR procedures, patient safety is a concern. The BD Alaris™ neXus PK offers a broad range of plasma (PK) and effect site (PD) targeting models. The Eleveld Propofol and Eleveld Remifentanil models are the only TCI models able to provide PD target steering for children. They help anaesthesiologists meet IV anaesthesia requirements in a safe, timely and accurate way3.

Wi-Fi enabled

Wireless transfer of infusion data through the Alaris™ Communication Engine to the hospital information systems. Automatic wireless download of pump event logs and the update of datasets from anywhere in the hospital improves the process without interrupting clinical workflows as pumps are infusing.

Increased medication safety for all populationMindray A9

The BD Alaris™ neXus PK syringe pump has patent pending medication safety to minimize the potential for programming errors, especially when setting up infusions for children. This technology automatically adjusts the suggested default settings for height and weight based on the patient’s age that is entered when using the Eleveld propofol and Eleveld remifentanil TCI model.

New TCI drug models*

  • Dexmedetomidine (Hannivoort-Colin)
  • Propofol (Eleveld),
  • Remifentanil (Eleveld),
  • Remifentanil (Kim-Obara-Egan)

The BD Alaris™ neXus PK syringe pump offers a complete TCI solution allowing for timely, effective and precise IV anaesthesia, helping to perform safe and smooth procedures and optimising the IV anaesthesia workflow.

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