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Imotek introduces the Sony UP-DR80MD, the smallest A4 dye sublimation printer on the market.

Designed specifically for medical applications, including endoscopy, ultrasound and nuclear medicine, the UP-DR80MD offers the high performance needed to support these demanding applications. Most importantly, it carries full MDD certification for safe use in the patient environment.

Thanks to USB connectivity, the UP-DR80MD adds to Sony's High Definition line-up allowing the device to connect to virtually any image capture device or camera system and deliver optimal printing for reports combining text and high-resolution images, as well as other applications.

With A4 increasingly the format of choice, the UP-DR80MD is ideal for many medical applications. The growing demand for full-page print outs and combining images and text, means that the UP-DR80MD is a great alternative to inkjet printing offering an ideal combination of image quality and affordability.

The UP-DR80MD has been developed to fit on today's increasingly compact imaging trolleys making it the smallest A4, medical-grade, dye-sublimation printer on the market today. The UP-DR80MD measures 12.5W x 16.75D x 8.13H, and weighs less than 12kg, making it the ideal size for today's medical workstations.

The printer features a high-resolution of 310 dpi, fast print speed and front-panel operation for easy replacement of Sony print media and ribbon. The low cost of ownership and its inherent reliability makes the device an excellent alternative to ink jet printers with costly consumables that quickly exceed the unit's purchase price.

The UP-DR80MD is USB 2.0 compatible and supports Windows 2000, XP and Vista. The printer is available from IMOTEK now at 1275.00 plus vat and shipping.

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