Physio Control

Building on a Proud Legacy - the pioneer in portable defibrillation and monitoring technology, Physio-Control continues to define the standard for cardiac emergency care equipment.

Our LIFEPAK devices have been carried to the top of Mount Everest and launched into orbit on the International Space Station - More than half a million devices are in use today Worldwide.  Physio-Control have set the standards for over 50 Years, and the 15 raises the bar.  Leading the way with new clinical and operational innovations, and surrounded with legendary 360 degree ruggedness that defines LIFEPAK TOUGHTM

LIFEPAK 15 is the New Standard in Clinical Innovation: with advanced monitoring parameters such as Masimo RAINBOW? Technology for both Carbon Monoxide and Methemoglobin monitoring.   Advanced support for the management of STEMI Patients via LIFENET? STEMI Management SolutionTM - Web-based data transfer and ST Trending features.   ADAPTIV? Biphasic Escalating Energy provides the option to escalate to 360J for best results.  Proven CPR Guidance with integrated CPR Metronome.

The 15 is Operationally Innovative: with dual mode LCD Screen - SunVueTM  full colour screen to high contrast for the best sunlight viewability in the Industry.  Upgradeable platform, with more processing power and speed, fueled by latest Lithium-ion Battery Technology - the 15 is designed to grow as your needs change ? already anticipating the 2010 Guidelines.

The LIFEPAK 15 is LIFEPAK TOUGHTM - works when dropped, kicked or soaked - Just like you do.

LIFEPAK 15 -The New Standard in Emergency Care

For more information please contact your local Physio-Control Representative or call 01923 212213 or visit us at  or

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