Mindray integrates Covidiens Nellcor BIS X4 technology and PULSION's PiCCO Plus and CeVOX technologies into their patient monitoring systems

Covidien's Nellcor BIS X4 technology allows physicians to monitor both hemispheres of the patient's brain simultaneously and in real time, providing highly sophisticated data that enables them to make optimal decisions for safer patient care.

070411 1BIS X4 technology on Mindray's BeneView multi-parameter patient monitors allows physicians to combine critical data on patients' brain activity with information on other vital signs before, during and after anaesthesia and surgery.

Covidien's BIS technology provides a direct, real-time measure of the effects of anaesthetics and sedatives on the brain. Optimally, anaesthetists try to deliver sufficient anaesthesia to maintain patient sedation and prevent surgery recall during medical procedures, but always with the goal of using as little anaesthetic as possible.


The critical improvement that BIS X4 offers is to allow clinicians to compare activity between hemispheres of the brain, identify imbalances, and intervene as needed to achieve best and safest patient outcomes. Studies indicate that BIS-monitored patients wake up faster, are extubated sooner and are better oriented upon arrival to the Recovery Unit.

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PULSION's PiCCO-Technology offers comprehensive, low-risk monitoring of the cardiovascular function of critically ill patients in the intensive-care environment. PiCCO monitoring provides a wide-ranging set of information for clinicians to effectively perform goal-directed therapies to manage a patients' cardio-vascular and fluid volume status

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PULSION's easy-to-use CeVOX-Technology offers a minimally invasive method for the continuous monitoring of the body's oxygen balance, making it possible to identify acute risks to the cardiovascular system in critically ill patients at an early stage

The BeneView Series of patient monitors supports a broad range of monitoring capabilities for patients at all acuity levels. With BeneView, clinical teams can access the precise data they need to provide optimal patient care - at the bedside and during transport. By incorporating BIS X4 and PiCCO into our BeneView Series of monitors, Mindray has demonstrated its commitment to provide clinicians with user-friendly, affordable access to the most advanced monitoring technologies

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