Crono TwinA new addition to the Crono range of miniature syringe pumps, widely relied upon by the medical industry to deliver ambulatory drug therapy, is the groundbreaking Crono Twin, the first ever portable system to offer two pumps within the same device.

Available from Applied Medical Technology (AMT), exclusive supplier to the UK, this development at last answers the demand from clinicians and patients for the replacement of two separate pumps by one streamlined version for the easier management of chronic conditions such as PID (Primary Immuno-Deficiency), Thalassaemia, Brittle Asthma and pain.

The Crono Twin brings the benefits of increased volume capacity and offers the ability to ensure even distribution of drug delivery through different sites at the same time. It is also ideal for the delivery of any therapy programme that demands the simultaneous use of two different, non-compatible drugs, without the inconvenience of two separate pumps.

CronoTwin case wornThe Cane pumps already have an enviable reputation for ultra portability and high reliability, and the new Twin provides all the benefits of the recently upgraded Cane range: real-time clock, easy-to-programme delivery set up, comprehensive information read-out, full settings memory, and dual processor for ultimate safety and control.

Cambridge-based AMT also supplies infusion sets, which are recommended by manufacturers of all portable drug delivery systems available in the UK for use with their products.

Further information:

Ray Morrissey,

Managing Director, AMT, 01223 420415

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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