Rigel 288 plus 1Faster and safer testing of medical devices and installed equipment in hospitals and healthcare facilities is provided by the new battery powered 288 Plus from Rigel Medical.


Rigel’s original 288 automated safety analyser now incorporates a range new features to provide enhanced performance and faster testing of electrical safety to IEC 62353 and leakage tests in accordance with IEC 61010, IEC 60601, NFPA, AAMI and AS/NZ3551.


While most conventional testers rely on mains power, the 288 Plus retains operational integrity, even without mains connection, due to standard AA battery power compatibility. This provides greater user flexibility and makes it quicker to complete in-service testing of point-to-point leakage as well as earth continuity and insulation resistance.


Because the new 288 Plus does not require a lengthy power cord to operate, there are no trailing cables to cause potential trip hazards, making it even safer and more convenient to set-up and use on-site. Further time saving benefits are achieved because the 288 Plus tester’s battery power back-up avoids the need for lengthy boot-up times between tests.


The Rigel 288 Plus now offers insulation testing between 50 VDC - 500 VDC to meet the test requirements of low voltage DC power supplies, and because it is the smallest analyser of its type, it is easier to transport from site-to-site by field engineers.

Up to 10 individual patient leakage circuits can be checked in a single test routine, while a further benefit is the ability to automatically warn users of incorrect test set-ups, helping to avoid incorrect readings – it is the only tester providing automated verification of secondary earth paths and incoming mains configuration.
The 288 Plus features Rigel’s unique earth bond technology, which combines high and low test current to ensure the accuracy of the protective  earth path, helping to accurately identify any potential wear and tear. This can help to avoid the need for any unnecessary cable replacement, providing further cost savings.
An integrated keyboard enables the user to quickly input equipment details alongside electrical safety test results for improved electronic data storage and traceability. The information can be downloaded into Med-eBase – the easy-to-use test solutions software – which enables the user to trace and manage test results, set-up bespoke templates, email html test certificates to clients and schedule new work orders among other customised functions.


The Rigel 288 Plus forms part of a comprehensive range of high performance specialist biomedical test equipment supplied by Rigel Medical.


More information about the Rigel 288.


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