A new study reveals that aneroid blood pressure gauges with patented Welch Allyn DuraShock technology offer superior performance in maintaining accurate blood pressure readings, compared to traditional aneroid devices, when exposed to rough handling.

These results are timely as recently, the MHRA Blood Pressure Measurement Devices Bulletin has published new guidance for healthcare professionals about the use of blood pressure measurement devices. The new guidance recommended that the auscultatory skill of determining blood pressure should continue to be taught to health professionals and that manual devices should be made available in all clinical areas. These devices should be used to check oscillometric results and other non auscultatory alternative blood pressure measurements on individual patients to ensure accuracy.

In the light of this guidance health professionals can be reassured by the findings of a new study undertaken by Dr Klaus Forstner, Physician, FKM , Tamm, Germany, evaluated and compared different brands of aneroid sphygmomanometers for accuracy after they were each dropped ten times from a height of one meter onto a hard surface.

Thirteen different brands of aneroid sphygmomanometers were purchased independently and more than 10,000 readings were obtained by Dr Forstner?s team. The data proves that aneroid sphygmomanometers with DuraShock technology are far more likely to survive rough handling, a common occurrence in busy medical environments, while maintaining more accurate blood pressure readings than traditional sphygmomanometers. This indicates that DuraShock gauges should not require frequent repair or replacement as often, resulting in lower lifetime-cost of ownership.

Thomas Grant, Welch Allyn Group Product Director explains; "Healthcare providers are under constant pressure to improve the quality and cost of care. This study is important because it shows gear-free Durashock technology can impact both the quality and cost of one of the most common diagnostic instruments in use today."

This report will also be published later this year in a paper titled ?The Aneroid Drop Study: Evaluation of a New Gear-Free Aneroid Blood Pressure Technology and Clinical Relevance of Shock Stability?.
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