Cropico has developed a new test instrument that is compliant with new medical electrical installation requirements designed to ensure the safe condition of patient treatment suites and medical diagnostic rooms.
The new Cropico DO4002 digital ohmmeter has been specifically designed to enable health sector facilities managers and electrical service engineers meet the earthing and equipotential bonding tests required by new Medical Electrical Installation Guidance Notes (MEIGaN).

The updated MEIGaN guidance requires the measurement of resistance between each protective earth terminal, socket outlet or every accessible metal part and the earth reference bar in patient medical environments.
In the revised guidance a minimum test current of 1A is now permitted and the maximum acceptable resistance is 0.1Ω.

The new handheld Cropico DO 4002 digital ohmmeter has been specifically developed for this type of electromedical installation testing. A special lightweight design and single push button test operation with a large direct reading display of measured values allows maximum ease of use and total portability.

Importantly, the new tester is battery powered which means that readings can be taken without the risk of earth leakage currents from the main power supply interfering with resistance measurements.
In addition, the availability of extended lead lengths of up to 20 metres means that room sockets are all accessible from a single point and individual plug tests can be undertaken fast and effectively.

The rugged DO4002 incorporates a number of advanced features to ensure measurement accuracy including forward and reverse current measurement with auto averaging, true current zero, long scale length and a selectable measurement range from 4mΩ to 400Ω with respective resolutions between 1µΩ and 100mΩ.

The DO4002 forms part of a comprehensive range of precision measurement instruments available from Cropico Ltd, part of the Seaward Group.

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