Nowadays, decisions are often based on information provided by medical and industrial equipment. But who guarantees that the data delivered is accurate? Measuring your pneumatic equipment for reliability and precision with a dependable calibration tool is critical in avoiding fatal errors.

Precision and reliability are exactly what the FlowAnalyserTM Product Line provides.

The FlowAnalyserTM measures flow, pressure, temperature, humidity and O2 concentrations bi-directionally. The one-of-a-kind Adult, Paediatric and High Frequency ventilation measuring modes make the FlowAnalyserTM the ideal calibration tool for all ventilators, anaesthesia machines and spirometers. The FlowAnalyserTM distinguishes itself from other calibration tools by combining a simple, intuitive multilingual user interface with the most precise sensor technology. software complements the FlowAnalyserTM by offering a wide range of graphical analysis capabilities.

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