Philips Introduces New Fetal-Maternal Monitors with Optional External Touch-Screen Display.

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Philips Healthcare recently announced the release of its Avalon FM40 and FM50 fetal-maternal monitors.  The Avalon FM40 and FM50 are the newest additions to the Avalon family of fetal-maternal products, which include the Avalon Cordless Transducer System (CTS) and the Avalon FM20 and FM30 fetal-maternal monitors.
These innovative monitors can feature a one-of-a-kind external display with touch-screen capability that customers can choose as an option in addition to the monitor's built-in, 6.5 inch colour, touch-screen display.   This larger external display, which comes in various sizes, can be mounted across the room, on a trolley in the labour and delivery room, or other convenient locations.   This makes the monitors easier for clinicians to use because it allows them to interact with the fetal monitor even when they are not at the patient's bedside.    
The new monitors were specifically designed with clinicians and patients in mind.  Philips understands that patient comfort is extremely important, so the Avalon transducers are constructed with a softer material that adds to the comfort of the mother during antepartum and labour and delivery monitoring.  The large external display allows the family of the patient to become more involved in the birth experience since they can more easily view what is going on at all times; and for obstetricians and nurse/midwives to be able to view pertinent patient information at a distance.  The ability to interface the FM40 and FM40 with the Avalon Cordless Transducer System (CTS) allows the mother to be mobile while she and her are being continuously monitored.
The Philips Avalon FM40 and FM50 provide clinicians with advanced, intuitive technologies to care for expectant mothers and their babies.  As with the rest of the Avalon fetal-maternal monitoring family, vital patient data is continuously captured by the built-in data buffer system with the added capability of selective data printout, which reduces the risk of data loss.  The monitors also feature smart transducers with universal plug and play connectors to enhance ease of use.  Replacement parts, such as the cables, can be exchanged easily without having to replace an entire unit, reducing the cost of service.
In addition, the Avalon FM40 antepartum monitor provides an extensive set of external monitoring capabilities, such as external monitoring of uterine activity, up to three fetal heart rates and fetal movement profile (FMP) via ultrasound.   The Avalon FM 50 intrapartum monitor includes the external monitoring capabilities of the FM40 and internal fetal measurements including fetal heart rate via direct fetal ECG and intrauterine pressure.  Both monitors provide monitoring of maternal blood pressure, SpO2, maternal ECG and maternal heart
rate, and both fetal and maternal ECG waves can be displayed on the screen.  These new high-end intrapartum and antepartum monitors easily integrate with Philips' obstetrical information system, OB TraceVue, as well as other information systems.
David Russell, vice president of global marketing for Patient Monitoring, Philips Healthcare says,  Fetal monitoring is the standard of care in most modern labour and delivery care settings the world over, but with increasing multiple births, monitoring of twins and triplets is now a required functionality.    Like the Avalon FM20 and FM30, the FM40 and FM50 can monitor up to three babies and the mother simultaneously while providing cross channel verification to discriminate between maternal and separate fetal heart rates.   Philips is the only provider of non-invasive triplet monitoring in one device.
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