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flowmeterFlowmeters incorporating the patented FireSafe fire-check nozzle are now available in the UK exclusively from BOC. The FireSafe flowmeters are the first in the country to satisfy the requirements of the Fire Safety Health Technical Memorandum released in August.


HTM 05-03 Part A references an 'in-line oxygen arrester' as an effective measure in lowering the risk of fire where oxygen therapy is supplied in health care facilities. The new development is a natural progression to the mandatory fitting of a 'firebreak' to domiciliary oxygen systems which is met by the FireSafe Cannula Valve; the first and still the only solution available.

That is not the only advantage of using the FireSafe Flowmeter. The precision float rotates in the gas flow providing a precise reading. An integral non-return valve prevents backflow and contamination and the flowmeter is also fitted with an internal filter as an extra safeguard against contamination.

The FireSafe valve arrests unhindered oxygen flow should the tube be ruptured in any way while at the same time reducing the risk of any oxygen-therapy fires. A tamper-proof flow tube and a permanent internal label prevent undetected damage to the unit. The FireSafe Flowmeter comes with a seven-year warranty and is manufactured to the ISO 13485: 2003 Quality Management System.

Available in the UK exclusively from BOC, it forms just one part in the comprehensive range of products and services for the medical sector from the country's leading provider.

For more information, contact Louise Lucking at BOC. Tel: 01483 244023. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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