Major time and cost saving benefits
The first hand held, combination vital signs simulator capable of undertaking six synchronised vital signs parameters tests has been launched by Rigel Medical.
UniSIMThe new Rigel UniSIM is the only simulator of its type which enables medical device engineers to quickly, easily and accurately undertake NIBP, SpO2, ECG, temperature, IBP and respiration functionality tests simultaneously using a single portable instrument.

The battery powered vital signs simulator reduces the time taken to test the correct performance of a wide range of medical devices and equipment used in hospitals, operating theatres and other facilities.

It utilises the full synchronised functionality of Rigel's BP-Sim and SP-Sim as well as a comprehensive patient simulator (ECG, invasive blood pressure, respiration and temperature) to cut simulation times and deliver cost saving benefits - engineers no longer need to use a variety of different instruments for testing these functions separately.

Whilst the instrument incorporates a range of custom settings that include a variety of paediatric and adult NIBP pressures, pulse volume adjustments, heart rate and manufacturer-specific O-curves, the UniSIM can be fully customisable to meet specific performance test conditions.
The Rigel UniSIM also utilises new and advanced technologies to maximise the accuracy of each simulation such as using both electronic and optical SPO2 simulation methods in a single test setup and manufacturer specific simulation curves during the NIBP simulation, reducing uncertainties thus improving the test time.

Featuring Bluetooth connectivity, simulation test results can be stored within the instrument and printed wirelessly to the rugged battery operated Elite Test n Tag printer.

Traceability is improved as information can be downloaded into Med-eBase - the easy-to-use asset management software. This enables the user to store and manage test results, email html test certificates to clients and schedule new work orders, which can then be fully uploaded into a large onboard memory.

The compact, lightweight design and long life battery power of the UniSIM reduces downtime between tests, making the instrument practical and highly portable for multi-site use. It features easy-to-follow menu driven instructions for ease of operation and test control of all required electrical safety tests in manual, semi automatic or fully automatic test modes.
A large internal memory facilitates the storage of test results for safety audit and traceability purposes. In addition, as well as storing the results of electrical tests, there is also the ability to record user defined inspections and measurements from other equipment such as SpO2, NIBP, ECG and other electro medical patient equipment.

The UniSIM is part of a comprehensive range of high performance specialist biomedical test equipment supplied by Rigel Medical, part of the Seaward Group, which is based at Bracken Hill, South West Industrial Estate, Peterlee, Co Durham SR8 2SW.

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