Morning Arrival
A selection of Bacon Rolls served with Tomato Ketchup and Brown Sauce (SD/G/S), Pastries (SD/G/E/M/S/T/V) & Fruit Pot (V).
Tea, coffee or water.

Mid-Morning Break
A selection of Biscuits (see packaging for dietary information), Mini Pastries (SD/G/E/M/S/T/V) & Fruit Pot (V).
Tea, coffee or water.

Afternoon Break
A selection of Biscuits (see packaging for dietary information), Cakes (G/E/M/S/T/V) & Fruit Pot (V).
Tea, coffee or water.

This year, all lunches will be served in pre-packed Bento Boxes.
They will all include:

  • Branded crisps – Ready salted/Salt & vinegar (V/ no allergens), Cheese & onion (M/V)
  • Cut fruit and berry pot (V/ no allergens)
  • Bottled water
  • Wrapped cake/slice - Flapjack (G/M/T/V), Caramel shortbread (G/M/T/S/V), Vegan/Gluten free slice (T/S/P/V)
  • Yoghurt coated raisins (SD/T/P/M/G/SS/V)

Plus; a sandwich, warm skewer & dip, mini classic salad and a hot traditional British pub snack in either a meat, fish or vegetarian option.
(The boxes are pre-packed, so the items within each option are not interchangeable).

Meat option
Chicken, Bacon & Stuffing Sandwich (E/SD/G) or Tandoori Chicken Salad Sandwich (G/M/E)
Tandoori Chicken Skewer (SD/G M/E)
Chicken Caesar Salad (G/M/E/S/SD)
Traditional Sausage Roll (SD/G/E/MU)

Fish option
Tuna, Sweetcorn & Lettuce Sandwich (G/F/E)
Prawn & Melon Skewer (CR/SS)
Tuna Caesar Salad (F/G/E/M/S)
Breaded Scampi (G/E/M/CR)

Vegetarian option
Cheddar Ploughman’s with Branston Pickle Sandwich (G/E/M/SD/V)
Bocconcini & Baby Tomato Skewer (M/T/P/V)
Caesar Salad (G/E/M/S/V)
Mexican Spicy Bean Sausage Roll (G/MU/SD/V)

Serveries 1, 2 & 3 in the exhibition hall will have every lunch option available.


Please collect your refreshments, and make your way to one of the seating areas available (clearly signed).
All refreshments can only be consumed by seated guests. Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.


In addition, this year we also have some table service ‘cash’ catering available in Bar 3, where soft drinks, tea & coffee, crisps, confectionary and a small selection of pre-packed sandwiches can be ordered via the Marshall Arena app
from – 3.00pm (contactless payment is preferred).

Food is subject to change, so allergens should be checked on the day.

C-Celery, CR- Crustaceans, E- Eggs, F-Fish, G- Gluten, L-Lupin Flour, M-Milk, MO-Mollusc, MU-Mustard, P- Peanuts,
SD-Sulphur Dioxide, SS-Sesame, T-Tree Nuts, V-Suitable for Vegetarians




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