Wednesday 3rd April 2019

Mini beef burger (S/E/G/M)

Mini southern fried chicken burger (S/E/G/M/SD)

Indian chicken skewer (G/M/MU)

Cherry tomato and bocconcini with pesto skewer (M/V/SD/T)

Tuna nicoise salad (F/E/M/SD)

Greek salad (M/V/SD)

Potato wedges (V/G)


Raspberry gin* and lemonade trifle with hundreds & thousands (G/E/M/V/SD)



Thursday 4th April 2019

Mini lamb and mint burger (S/E/G/M)

Mini onion bhaji burger (S/E/G/M/V/MU)

Italian chicken skewer (G)

Roasted vegetable skewer (V)

Tandoori chicken tikka salad (M/MU/SD)

Heritage tomato and bocconcini with pesto salad (T/V/SD/M)

Triple cooked chips (V)


Chocolate mousse topped with brownie, Chantilly cream and strawberries (M/E/G/V)






G-Gluten, E-Eggs, F-Fish, S-Soy, M-Milk, T-Tree Nuts, MU-Mustard, SD-Sulphur Dioxide, V-Suitable for vegetarians.

 * alcohol free