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Company name Alcatel Lucent
Tel No. +44 1628 810 777
Product Category 1 Asset Tracking solution
Product Category 2 Wireless connectivity
Product Category 3 Contact Tracing solution
Product Category 4 LAN connectivity
Description ALE delivers network infrastructure solutions to healthcare organizations in order to connect patients, staff, devices, processes and facilities efficiently, securely and in compliance with privacy laws.
Our Asset tracking solution provides smart connection to critical assets and enable real-time equipments and people location on any mobile device, optimizing operations and reducing costs.
Easily locating workplace equipment, people, and archived records reduces the amount of time spent looking for items. It also increases safety and security as knowing the location of people means assistance can be quickly dispatched.
The solution provides real-time location identification for equipment such as beds, wheelchairs, and monitors, among others. It also provides advanced analytics that permits workflows optimization and results in better patients care.