Company name ICU UK Medical Ltd
Tel No. 0203 357 9400
Product Category 1 Plum 360 Infusion Pumps
Product Category 2 MedNet DER’s safety software
Product Category 3 Plum 360 Smart Pump Programming
Product Category 4 IV EHR & E-Prescribing Integration via MedNet
Product Category 5 Cyber Security Standards
Description ICU Medical gives you unmatched safety, efficiency, and interoperability in one connected IV system that features the four time Best in KLAS (2018-2020 Smart Pumps; 2021 Smart Pumps EMR-Integrated) Plum 360™ with ICU Medical MedNet™ safety software.
We can help you reduce medication errors, improve quality of care, and streamline workflows.
Our data security is backed by UL Cybersecurity Assurance Program certification for a medical device and an ongoing process of continuous improvement.
With our clinical and technical experts' team, we provide you with customised configuration, implementation and data analytics services.

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