Company name Tenacore UK Ltd
Tel No. 01908 766143
Product Category 1 Patient Monitoring Equipment Repairs
Product Category 2 Fetal Monitoring Equipment Repairs
Product Category 3 Ultrasound Probe Repairs
Product Category 4 Patient Monitoring Accessories
Product Category 5 Oxygen Blender Overhauls
Description Since 2011, Tenacore UK has supported EBME departments throughout the UK and EU with quality and cost-effective equipment and repair services.
As a service provider, Tenacore works with EBME departments to reduce the cost of equipment maintenance.
Tenacore is able to repair, exchange, and offer replacement parts for patient monitors, modules, telemetry transmitters, CTG transducers, oxygen blenders, and ultrasound probes.
Tenacore also offers a full range of patient monitoring accessories including SpO2 probes, ECG/EKG cables, NIBP cuffs and hoses, and temperature cables.
Visit Tenacore at the EBME Expo to learn more about their repair services and new fully searchable accessories website –

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