Dr John Sandham FIHEEM MIET

Chairman - www.ebme.co.uk

Dr. John SandhamJohn has been working in the field of Healthcare Technology Management for over 25 years. He has been chairman of the medical devices website www.ebme.co.uk since 1999. John has spoken on radio and appeared on television representing the Healthcare Technology viewpoint and acting as an expert in his field. He has had over 130 educational articles published in Journals including the Open University Science review, Engineering Technology Journal (IET), The Clinical Services Journal (CSJ) plus various other newspapers, procurement and scientific publications and the EBME website; www.ebme.co.uk.

He is keen to share his knowledge and raise the profile of Healthcare Technology Management. John is also CEO of TBS GB, delivering Healthcare Technology Management services. He is a recognised expert in this field and regularly takes part in Healthcare policy project meetings at Westminster. He has been instrumental in changing the device management processes of many NHS Trusts and has a proven track record in delivering safe recurrent cost saving improvements that aid regulatory compliance. His knowledge of Healthcare Technology includes Biomedical, Diagnostic-Imaging and Pathology. He believes in sharing best practice and is a respected professional in his field. 



Ted Mullen

Head of Service, Medical Equipment Management at NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

ted mullenTed is currently Head of Service for Medical Equipment Management in the largest health board in Scotland and is based in the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, the newest and largest hospital in Scotland. He has worked in Medical Equipment Management for 33 years and was trained under the West of Scotland Regional Health Board’s Department of Clinical Physics and Bio-engineering technician training scheme which was ahead of its time and these days would be called a Modern Apprenticeship.

He has mainly worked in major teaching hospitals and district general hospitals around the Glasgow and Clyde region, broken only by a year in St Mary’s Hospital, Portsmouth in the late 80’s. He has worked at all levels of the service from trainee to working technician, to section manager to technical management. On promotion into the Head of Service role, he realised his technical knowledge did not adequately equip him for a post in senior management and completed a BA in Management in 2011.




David Cook

Head of Clinical Engineering at University College London Hospitals

David CookDavid has worked in Medical Equipment Management since 1988, at several leading NHS Trusts and private companies, including leading bids to win PFI/MES contracts. Since 2010, as Head of Clinical Engineering at University College London Hospitals NHSFT, which has consistently been rated as one of the top NHS Trusts, David is at the forefront of driving innovation and ambitious change.  

David believes that we are now facing an enormous challenge, not of what technology can do, but of what we want to do with the capabilities at our disposal. Which devices should be networked into the Electronic Patient Record? Where do we decide what is managed by the IT Department and what is the remit of the Clinical Engineering Department? How do we best direct our resources to achieve the best overall outcomes? These are some of the challenges David is trying to tackle every day and which he will address.




Dr. Daniel Taylor B.Sc Ph.D C.Phys M.Inst.P

Product Specialist, Technical Manager Medical Devices, BSI Group
Dan TaylorDan Taylor B.Sc, Ph.D, M.Inst.P, CPhys is a medical physicist who has worked in the Medtech arena for over 25 years. He has much experience in R & D, new product development, manufacturing, device regulation and commercialisation.

He currently works for BSI as a product expert, specialising in CE marking. He has experience in working with small spin-out companies from academia and in manufacturing engineering at GE Medical Systems. He worked as a senior research fellow at St George’s Hospital, working on an objective test for opiate addiction. He has also worked as a VSO, teaching Physics, and as a secondary school teacher in London. Dan gained his Ph.D in Biophysics from St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London.

He has authored and co-authored several patents and research papers during his career. His hobbies include renewable energy technology, for which he studied for an M.Sc at CAT, Machynlleth;  sailing; hiking and photography.

Prof. Nick Bosanquet

Emeritus Professor of Health Policy, Imperial College, London

nick bosanquetFounder member of the Centre for Health Economics University of York. Special Advisor to the Commons Health Committee 2001-10.

Publications include  “Family  Doctors and Economic Incentives” and “The Economics of Cancer Care.”

Director of TBS GB Ltd since 2007. Chief Investigator  for GSK on part of Salford Lung Study.

Research on international comparisons of COPD programmes. N.Bosanquet et al. The Effectiveness Gap in COPD. PrimCare Respir J 2013.  22(2)  209-213.

Strong supporter of the Sandham Model for Healthcare Technology Management - Procurement, Training, Maintenance and Governance.




Mike Hilditch

Managing Director - The Hilditch Group

mike hilditchMike Hilditch founded the Hilditch Group with his wife, Nicky. The company sells medical equipment on behalf of the NHS amongst others. Mike & Nicky firmly believe have a social, as well as corporate, responsibility. It became apparent after talking to their buyers that there was a severe shortage of medical engineers in many developing countries, and hence the Amalthea Trust was established.


Currently funded by the Hilditch Group, the Amalthea Trust provides training courses, test equipment and volunteer engineers in Uganda, and is involved in medical engineering projects in several other African countries.


In partnership with Kyambogo University, Kampala, the Trust has developed a diploma course for engineering technicians and, so far, 33 engineers have graduated and are working within the Ugandan Health Sector.



David Mulvey

Medical Equipment Management Service, Department of Medical Physics, Salford Royal Hospital

david mulveyFor over 35 years David has worked in the field of medical engineering, both within the commercial and NHS sectors. His early experience as a senior field service engineer with Simonsen & Weel (S&W) helped him to develop a keen interest in the many aspects of patient monitoring and defibrillation. With the acquisition of S&W by Vickers Medical ltd, David then was given the role of Technical Training Manager. His interests widened to include neonatal care, anaesthesia, ventilation and cardiology. Over several years of developing and delivering training courses and programs to meet the needs of biomedical engineers from the NHS and overseas organizations, David gained a deserved reputation for quality of his training and his passion for the subject.
David then spent 10 years as Technical Director for Artemis Medical Ltd, which saw the continued development of his training including the ‘Essential Training’ courses, which offer a much needed insight for biomedical engineers into the clinical applications of medical equipment. For the last 6 years David has worked within the NHS in roles relating to training and engineering, giving him the opportunity to share his wealth of knowledge with younger biomedical engineers. A recent opportunity has given David the responsibility for the engineering support of Salford Royal Hospital’s Pathology department, and he has worked hard to master many new technologies and clinical principals.


Jarkko Enden

Chief technology officer (CTO) at Medixine Ltd

Jarkko EndenJarkko has a Master’s degree in computer science and over 15 years of experience in the healthcare technology industry. He has in-depth knowledge of novel cutting-edge technology as well as vast experience from the early years of e-health and telehealth.

Jarkko is currently the CTO of Medixine Ltd., one of the pioneers in e-health. He is the quality manager for ISO-13485 and responsible for the production and support of medical device software products and services.

He is a software developer and architect at heart and keeps up with the latest developments in this field. He enjoys eliminating waste by leveraging new techniques, such as Kanban and DevOps, and still likes to write code whenever he finds the time.




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