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Hospital Automation:
How Connectivity is Redefining Health Care Administration & Patient Care

Patient information used to be confined to the patient bedside—but that is no longer the case. Today, a wide range of sources in a variety of areas generates patient data across the continuum of care.

Unfortunately, disjointed systems and incompatible devices create connectivity and device integration challenges that negatively impact care-team workflows and the utility of patient records. Unconnected devices necessitate manual data entry, which slows down workflows and increases the likelihood of errors of both omission and transcription. Even more frustrating, some brands and devices silo data, making it inaccessible for the purposes of data aggregation. Hospital care teams, administrators, IT staff, and patients feel the impact of this disconnection alike.

Learn how Hospital Automation, combined with brand-agnostic connectivity, along with emerging telehealth devices enable healthcare providers to do more with patient data than they ever could before.

Learning Points:

  • Provide context on what Hospital Automation is
  • Put an emphasis on the benefits of Hospital Automation from a Bio Med/IT perspective as well as for healthcare administration
  • How integral brand-agnostic interoperability is for healthcare systems


JENNIFER JACKSON – Director, Connectivity, Masimo

MITCHELL FONG, MPH – Director, Telehealth Renown Health

OMAR AHMED – Senior Vice President, Software Engineering Masimo

RICHARD GANNOTTA – Chief Administration Officer, Masimo

SUSAN P. MCGRATH, PH.D – Director Surveillance Analytics Core, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center


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