If you would like to attend the conference but require authorisation from your Manager, we have created an auto-populated letter for you.
This letter, evidencing the CPD aspects, can be presented in support of your request to attend this annual event.
Simply fill in the four boxes below, click on the Download form button and we will email you a personalised letter from our chairman highlighting the benefits for both yourself and your department should you be able to attend.

Dear Manager,
We are pleased to announce that the EBME National Conference and Exhibition is taking place on the 3rd and 4th April 2019 at the Milton Keynes Arena.

The EBME National Conference and Exhibition is aimed at EBME Managers, Technicians, Engineers, and healthcare professionals involved with the maintenance, training and purchase of medical devices. By enabling Name Surname to attend the conference, we believe that the exposure to new technologies and the knowledge generated onsite would result in more efficient and effective work by the attendee resulting in cost savings long term.

Name Surname would like to attend the 2019 EBME National Conference and Exhibition where we will be presenting innovations in medical technology design, procurement and management. Additionally, we have a number of educational workshops for hands-on training.

Each attending delegate will receive a certificate for their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) record.

This educational conference meets CPD requirements for the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF):
  • Core dimensions 2 (Personal and people development), 4 (Service improvement) & 5 (Quality).
  • Specific dimensions IK1 (Information processing), IK2 (Information collection and analysis) & IK3 (Knowledge and information resources).
The EBME National Conference and Exhibition organisers bring together healthcare professionals to share their knowledge and allow attending delegates to benchmark their organisations with others. We would encourage you to allow Name Surname the study time to attend this educational event, keeping their CPD up to date.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. J.D. Sandham CEng FIHEEM MIET