Mindray A8 and A9 Anaesthesia Workstation

 Mindray A Series Anaesthesia Workstation

With industry-leading tools to automate clinical interventions, maintain patient safety processes and reduce running costs, the Mindray A9 and A8 anaesthesia workstations deliver pioneering performance for broad patient populations.

Fitted with a range of gas reduction tools, the workstations also help minimise the environmental and economic impact of surgery by preventing leakage and managing usage.

The modular design and connectivity options help ensure the workstations remain flexible and future-proof. By enabling interoperability between external monitoring devices and electronic patient record (EPR) systems, the A9 and A8 workstations allow greater data visibility throughout the patient journey, minimising risks and improving patient care.

  • Innovative volume exchanger (VE) with no moving parts offers precise ventilation with tidal volume down to 5ml
  • World’s first integrated High-flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC) for safely extending safe apnoeic oxygenation time during induction without the need to use ancillary devices
  • Various gas analyser modules for all anaesthetic gases, with extra functionality available for BIS and NMT
  • Optimiser and AA Prediction tools can advise clinicians on a lower fresh gas flow
  • e-AGSS system monitors and adjusts scavenging flow rate and indicates abnormalities
  • Covered ACGO prevents accidental connection of external breathing circuits, with on-screen notification of switch activation and airway pressure monitoring providing extra assurance
  • Adaptive Minute Ventilation Mode (AMV) for easy switchover between controlled and spontaneous ventilation without extra adjustment
  • Automatic illustrated system safety check assesses all parts in 3.5 minutes
  • Three second relay prevents accidental power-down
  • Up to three hours battery life ensures market-leading performance
  • Intuitive user interface on rotatable 18.5” touchscreen monitor
  • Clear system status indicators
  • Configure up to 10 different user profiles
  • Vendor-neutral connectivity with external monitoring devices and EPR systems


Optional features available with the Mindray A9 anaesthesia workstation:

  • Automatic Controlled Anaesthesia (ACA) to optimise gas usage and provide a rapid, balanced response to changes in patient status without user intervention
  • Service-free electronic vaporiser for safe, precise and reliable agent delivery

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