What is the status of alarm notification systems in the UK?

Over here, an increasing number of "secondary" alarm notification vendors (Emergin, GlobeStar Systems, Nuvon and others) - and resulting sales - have resulted in a new proposed FDA rule targeting Medical Device Data Systems (MDDS).

The term "secondary" alarm notification was made up by vendors in an effort to avoid regulation by the FDA. You can buy these products, but in the fine print it says you must continue to rely on your medical device vendor's alarm notification. So if you have a ward with lots of alarms, nuisance alarms and alarm fatigue, you shouldn't turn down/off those device alarms and rely on your fancy new "secondary" alarm system. If you can't hear alarms everywhere you're supposed do, you shouldn't use your "secondary" alarm system for that either. But people do.

What's the situation here? Is alarm fatigue an issue? Do you have unregulated "secondary" systems?

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