Thanks for the input. Agreed that a suitable quality system is the best way to go.
Although there is a big difference between the risks of less than clean surgical instruments and scopes. Flexible scopes in general are only used in areas of the body that are non sterile.Bums and tums etc.So a HLD status is acceptable.

Surgical telescopes are almost always used in sterile areas like knees, thoracic and abdominal cavaties, therefore require sterilization/ autoclaving.
JAG guidlines dont say anything about the type of washer you should use other than that it should comply with HTM 2030 or ISO15883.
They do however recommend that there should be a clean and dirty side of decontamination units and scopes should only travel in 1 direction.I believe that spending huge money (number I saw was 500Kú)to have a pass through system is a complete waste of money. Bear in mind that not everybody on this forum belongs to the NHS. If carefully controlled, a HTM2030 compliant machine/s can offer the same service.Of course if you are doing >5000 cases per year a pass through system might warrent the big spend.