Below is the extract from the PQQ information page:

The purpose of this framework is to procure service providers who can offer maintenance contracts for the range of equipment included in the various lots included within the tender. NHS Supply Chain reserves the right to exclude any organisation that does not meet these criteria.
It is anticipated that the framework services will be accessed: by framework users who: (i) wish to purchase a defined service package to cover equipment currently included in their installed base and (ii) wish to purchase point of sale maintenance in relation to newly purchased in-scope equipment.
It is anticipated that the maintenance contracts will be in the form of packages for different cover levels against the relevant equipment.
The framework will be for a maximum of four years but it is recognised that individual service packages, purchased in relation to specific equipment, during that period may be for a term exceeding four years.
It is intended that the framework provide a basis for comparison of service level packages provided by different service providers across the range of equipment covered by scope of the tender. The intention is that customers ordering under the framework will be able to procure their maintenance contracts on a more accurate and benchmarked basis and in a way which takes a more sophisticated approach to risk analysis of such matters as criticality of equipment failure than is currently available.

NHS Supply Chain intends to use a series of commercial levers throughout the course of the framework agreement, including but not limited to: operating a management fee on all orders through the framework; prompt settlement discounts; aggregated turnover discounts; on time renewal discounts and bulk purchases. Further details regarding the operation of these will be included in the tender documentation. NHS Supply Chain reserves the right to implement these and other commercial levers throughout the course of the framework agreement.

Tenders and all supporting documentation for the contract must be priced in sterling and written in English. Any agreement entered into will be considered a contract made in England according to English law and will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. NHS Supply Chain is not liable for any costs incurred by those expressing an interest in tendering for this contract opportunity. NHS Supply Chain reserves the right to terminate the procurement process (or part of it), to change the basis of and the procedures for the procurement process at any time, or to procure the subject matter of the contract by alternative means if it appears that it can be more advantageously procured by alternative means. The most economically advantageous or any tender will not automatically be accepted.

All communications must be made through NHS Supply Chainís eTendering portal at using the Message Centre facility linked to this particular contract notice.

Please note that the number of maximum suppliers as set out in II.1.4 is provided as an estimate only. The Invitation to Tender will detail how suppliers can be awarded to the framework agreement. NHS Supply Chain reserves, therefore, the right to appoint more or less suppliers to the Framework Agreement in the event that more or less than 400 reach the minimum score for appointment which will be set out in the ITT.

NHS Supply Chain intends to enter into arrangements under which it will be entitled to purchase services and/or supplies which it will make available for purchase by 1) any NHS Trust; 2) any other NHS entity; 3) any government department, agency or other statutory body and/or 4) any private sector entity active in the UK healthcare sector. Only NHS Supply Chain can order from the Framework Agreement and enter into contracts under it.


Chris Horwood-Jones